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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry
Social Media Wrap-Up

Must Read Of The Week:

How NFL Teams Scan For Truly Passionate Players

This is about the NFL, but you need to turn the thinking into how you can find either the right band members or the
right person or people to collaborate with.  The last thing any musician can afford to waste is time (same with
managers and label folk).

Read this link and try the lessons our next time you’re figuring out who to work with.  This stuff might just work.

Must Read of the Week II:

Revenge of the Record Labels: How The Majors Renewed Their Grip On Music

You’ve got to read this.  Click to read about the deals the major label groups have made with Beats, SoundCloud and
Spotify and how the big payoffs are great for the investors but not necessarily the artists.

If you’re an artist, this will make you upset.  If you’re on the business side, this will intrigue you.  It’s best that you click,
read, and then look below at Must Read of the Week III, which talks further about artist streaming anger.  (Thanks to
Steve Leeds for the link.)

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Must Read of the Week III

Reaction To Last Week’s Must Read of the Week I

Tom Hefter, WP grad and marketing services specialist at Ticketmaster, had some great feedback to your last newsletter’s
Must Read of the Week I article, The Man Who Broke The Music Business.  Click and read Tom’s comments about the
industry.  They’re very interesting.

Pic of the Week #1:

When was the last time you saw cowbell played like this?  The foot, pedal and cowbell belong to jazz bassist Zdenek
Kanski, a Czech grad student at William Paterson.  Must be an Eastern European thing, but I’m all in.

Pic of the Week #2:

Trying to think up some new merch ideas for your artist(s) or show(s)?  Your Professor Philp helped produce a Motown-themed
show last week.  Rather than t-shirts or stickers, our merch included chocolate 45s and pictures with vintage 1960s cars.
Different, yes, and we made some money for CUMAC, New Jersey’s most pivotal food bank.  What cha think?

Pic of the Week #3:

Professor Stephen Bryant gave 127.4% while conducting his last concert at William Paterson University this past week
(he’s retiring).  This panoramic shot shows him directing a gigantic concert choir, percussionists, horns, pianos, and woodwinds
during a performance of Carl Orff’s “CarminaBurana.”  It was cool.  Like Prof. Bryant.  Hewill be missed.


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More Stuff To Check Out:

Shawn Mendes and the 6-Second Path to Stardom

This is why you can’t blow off social media.  Shawn Mendes may be young, but he’s also smart. The combo, plus some talent, got him a record deal with Island (and a #1 album).  If you’re still anti-social when it comes to social media, stop.  How much more proof do you need to see that it can help you?  (Thanks to Paul Sinclair for the link!)

You Can’t Buy Music In Mexico Without Paying This Man

If you’re thinking at all about the international biz (and you should), read this article.  There’s a young, rich dude in Mexico who runs a big retail chain.  Read this to learn a little bit more about what’s going on just south of the border.

Instagram Announces Emoji Search

In other words, you can search on more than just text.  Emojis, and their “sticker” counterparts in Asia, are growing in popularity.  Keep this in mind if you’re trying to reach younger audiences.

Opportunity For You  

NJ Music Industry Mixer

Click on the words above, or click HERE, and sign up for this.  It’s in Clifton, NJ at the Shannon Rose, an Applebee’s kind of place.  Lots of Jersey-based folks in da music biz hang for these. Professors Philp & Marcone are going.  That should be enough for you to want to go.

Tidal’s Jay Z – Making The Same Mistakes As Spotify’s Daniel Ek

Why are so many artists angry at Spotify?  Because the service has done a poor job of explaining who gets paid and who does the paying.  Guess what: Jay Z is doing the same thing with his new Tidal service, therefore not learning from the mistakes of his competitor.  Click and read and set yourself straight.

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