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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up

Exciting Announcement of the Week:

Atlantic Records COO Julie Greenwald Speaks at William Paterson Tuesday Night

The 2015 Music Management Seminar Series, hosted by the Music Management Department at William Paterson University, welcomes Atlantic Records Chairman/COO Julie Greenwald Tuesday night, March 3rd, at 8:00. The event is FREE and open to the public.  Interested?  Click on the link for details or hit Reply and we can converse.

Must Read of the Week:

The Great Analytics Rankings

I’ve sent you sports-related articles before.  This one is important because of the association between analytics, data, and entertainment, which in this case is the NFL, NHL, NBA, and Major League Baseball.  These multi-billion dollar businesses are entertainment businesses.  Just like music.  Read this and think about the connection between analysis and music.  It’s inspiring.

Must Read of the Week II:

How Madden Ratings Are Made

Here’s one more about sports – but in this case, a videogame about sports. The game is Madden and it’s owned by publisher Electronics Arts.  It has generated over $4 billion in sales over the past 26 years.  How?  And what does this have to do with you?  Sit back and give this one a chance.  Your brain will buzz with insight.

Pic of the Week #1:

Friday was Audition Day at WPU.  The future of music played, sang, and roamed the building.  The feeling was pretty awesome.

Must Read of the Week III:

Indie Execs Voice Concern Over iTunes Store Changes

This is important because even though streaming is perceived as king, iTunes still sells lots and lots and lots of music.  But is the store becoming more like the Wal Mart music section than the infinite shelves of an online record store? Read how independent labels have noticed some changes that do not bode well for artists like…you.

Must Read of the Week IV:

Bob Marley’s Heirs Preserve Multi-Million Dollar Trial Win Against Merchandisers

Don’t know anything about trademarks?  Don’t understand how an artist’s likeness can be used?  Read this.  There’s so much money at stake here.  It’s worth your four minutes.

Announcement Of The Week:

Play A Live Set On College Radio By Entering This Contest!!

Your dream is to hear your song(s) on the radio.  Is it a bigger dream to want to actually play those songs live?  If you click on the pic or title above, you’ll learn all about theMusic Biz 101 & More Brave-athon Contest. 

Win a 30-minute live set on WPSC: Brave New Radio AND a post-set/on-air interview with show hosts Marcone & Philp.  Two slots.  Two ways to win.  All entries must be received by this Tuesday, March 3rd.  Time’s a wastin’, so DO IT!!!  Click HERE for details.

Pic of the Week #2:

William Paterson’s Clark Terry, a legend in Jazz, passed away this past week.  Here’s a great pic of Clark performing at William Paterson with program director Dr. Dave Demsey looking on.  Click HERE or on the pic to read a wonderful tribute written by Demsey.


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More Stuff To Check Out:

The Future of Media is Podcasting

This excellent article from Fast Company explains why you should consider podcasts for your marketing mix.  Some people are making lots of money through their use. Others are using podcasts to promote their other interests.  Click & read this.  You’ll be glad you did.

Machinima Strikes Deal To Bring Exclusive Content To Vimeo

Don’t ignore this.  If you create original content, or manage it, you’re nothing without distribution.  In this case, we’re talking about video distribution on the web.  Learn what Machinima is.  Learn about Maker Studios.  You need to know this, so go for it.

Record Industry Announces Friday As Global Release Day

You may not have known that in the United States, Tuesday has been the official “in store” day for new releases for decades.  Click & read to see why it’s been moved.  And find out what country isn’t too happy about it.

Can 6 Seconds Launch A Career?  A Generation Of Vine Stars Sure Hopes So

Vine, the 6-second video-based social platform, may or may not be a fad.  But at the moment, there are those who are making a living creating these ultra-short video.  Click and find out how they’re doing it.

This Is How Apple Beats Spotify

Read this, if anything, for the pun in the title (Apple owns Beats).  Other than that, this is a little about speculation and a little more about how to run a business.  Give it a read.

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