Your Weekly WP Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up

Here’s your weekly music & entertainment industry wrap-up, handcrafted to give it that perfect Music Biz 101 flavor. You can always click HERE to sign up for our weekly newsletter.  We guarantee the best information this side of ignorance. Wait – Is that an insult?  If so, who’s being insulted?  While we figure this one out, go ahead and read below.

Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up

Two Special Notes For You!

1.  Many of you haven’t been receiving these emails since January due to firewalls, software stuff, and black magic.  We believe all problems have been solved (except for world hunger – still working on that one).  To see what you missed, just click HERE.

2.  If you’re reading this on Sunday, it’s Oscar Sunday.  No, Oscar Sunday wasn’t a left fielder for the ’61 Dodgers.  The Academy Awards are tonight. But what about the music that’s part of the awards?  We dedicate this newsletter to the tunes that make up your Oscars 2015.  Okay.  Let’s rock.

Oscars Must Read of the Week:

Composing The Folk Music of a Made-Up Country

Composer Alexandre Desplat is nominated twice this year in the Best Original Score category, for The Imitation Game and The Grand Budapest Hotel.  It’s the second score that may be the most interesting.  Click to read about how it was composed (hint – the guy used oodles of creativity to make it fit).  You can also listen to the story.

Oscars Must Read of the Week II:

The World’s 10 Most Innovative Hollywood Companies

After HBO, Netflix, Comedy Central and Marvel, there are 6 companies on this list you probably haven’t heard of.  What are they doing right?  What can you learn from them? Click to find out.

Pic of the Week #1:

Oscars Must Read of the Week III:

How Hollywood Can Innovate Its Way To A Happy Ending

Hypothetically, let’s say you were fooling enough to skip our first recommended Must Reads of the Week.  The cool part is you aren’t going to skip this one, which goes in tandem with #2.  It’s a short Must Read and also FREE, so take full advantage.

Oscars Must Read of the Week IV:

How To Produce The Oscars

The Academy Award show is known to be a slog.  It runs past its 11PM scheduled end time, not a whole lot happens between the first award, Best Supporting Actress, and all the other awards, and we’re stuck with boring acceptance speeches from, well, boring people (remember: actors make a living reading other peoples’ words).  Read this article to see how the show’s producers of the past 3 years (this is their Year 3) have tried to speed up not just the pace of the show, but cut out long walks winners have to take from Row 31 to the stage.

This fits well with what baseball announced on Friday (baseball is a sport and sports are entertainment, so we can talk about it here).  Major League Baseball is instituting what they’re calling “pace-of-play” rules to speed up the game.  When you read the Oscars story above and read THIS, you’ll see the obvious connection.

The question for you: How can you make your shows run more smoothly from the stage?

Announcement Of The Week:

Play A Live Set On College Radio By Entering This Contest!!

Your dream is to hear your song(s) on the radio.  Is it a bigger dream to want to actually play those songs live?  If you click on the pic or title above, you’ll learn all about theMusic Biz 101 & More Brave-athon Contest. 

Win a 30-minute live set on WPSC: Brave New Radio AND a post-set/on-air interview with show hosts Marcone & Philp.  Two slots.  Two ways to win.  All entries must be received by March 3rd.  Time’s a wastin’, so DO IT!!!  Click HERE for details.

Pic of the Week #2:

Live Nation VP of Marketing Donna Eichmeyer spoke last Tuesday at the first of this year’s Music Management Seminar Series.  To your right is Steve Leeds, VP Talent & Industry Affair at SiriusXM and Music Biz adjunct faculty member.  Steve asked questions.  Donna answered.  Click on the pick for a full recap.


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More Stuff To Check Out:

Starbucks To Stop Selling CDs

If you think this is trivial, it’s not.  As a former employee of the Universal Music division that supplied music to Starbucks, I know how important sales to this chain have been to the bottom lines of record companies.  That said, they probably knew this was coming. The big decision now is how to make up for those lost sales.  What would you do?

Live Nation, A Misleading Headline, And Behind-The-Scenes of the Backstage World

The headline to this article is actually: How Live Nation Exploits Low-Wage Workers To Stage Rock Concerts.  Kind of an editorially skewed headline, don’t you think?  Read the article and you’ll see this is an issue that’s pretty complex.  There are unions and laws and politics involved in this.  Click, read, and let us know what you think. (Big thanks to Al Cohen for the link!)

Apple Working With Record Labels On Something…Big

Is it a streaming service?  Is it iTunes 2.0?  Nobody is sure what’s going on, due to non-disclosure agreements, but Apple is up to something.  Or this is just worthless gossip. Read and let us know what you think. (Thanks again, Al Cohen!)  According to THIS, whatever Apple is doing will “crush” Pandora.  Hmm. (Thanks for the 2nd link, Aaron Van Duyne!)

Twitter Video For Musicians – Jump In Before Everyone Else
Twitter recently enabled its mobile app users to take up to 30-second videos that are native to the platform.  That means you don’t have to include a YouTube link anymore to get video into a tweet.  There are some key advantages to musicians.  Jump in to Twitter Video now before others catch on. Why?  Click to find out.

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