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Hey – The owners of Soul Search Records, based in Mountain Lakes (30 minutes from WPU), have invited us to a Meetup at their studios this coming Friday, January 24th at 11AM.  Interested?  RSVP immediately, like now, and we’ll work out travel arrangements. Professor Philp will be your chaperone.

On to some biz…

Here’s What’s Happened Over The Last Week

Your MOST IMPORTANT Read of the Week:

Troy Carter: Fired By Lady Gaga And Loving It

If you don’t click and read this article, you’re missing out on where the entire Music & Entertainment Business is heading.  When you lose your top client, you have two choices: 1) Roll yourself up into a big ball and die (guess the song), or 2) Put Plan B into effect.  It turns out, Carter’s Plan B just may be the future for the entire industry. Click on the link and read.


Last week, we connected you to a great report about how the Minnesota Orchestra had been locked out for 15 months by management.  Both sides came to an agreement on January 14th.  To hear details about the deal, click HERE.  You can also read the contract.  One interesting point (among many) is this: They received a guarantee of 20 weeks of classical concerts, which will help allay musician concerns that the orchestra was moving too much toward popular music.”  Why do you think the orchestra members wanted that?

One Hundred Songs A Day – LISTEN

This guy (see above) made just about $23,000 last year from iTunes and Spotify writing songs about his hot water heater, birthdays, and poop.  How did he do it?  And do the songs ALL suck?  Click on the link to hear Matt Farley’s strategy. Then see if you can keep up.

Dollars-And-Cents Secrets Of Music Streaming

The music industry has been a “disposable” industry over the past decade, churning out hits that are here today, gone tomorrow.  In a new world where streaming has grown faster than downloads and where CD sales continue to fall, should artists, labels, and managers shift their thinking to the long term instead of just today?  Click on the link for some analysis by the Wall Street Journal.

Jack of All Media: MTV Founder Bob Pittman, Today of Clear Channel & iHeartRadio

You’ve heard of MTV, right?  You’ve probably heard of Clear Channel, which owns 850 radio stations around the country.  Chances are good that you’ve heard of iHeartRadio, too.  The guy behind it all is “visionary” Bob Pittman.  How’d he get his start?  Where did he fail?  And where does Risk come into play with his career?  Click on the link above and check out an informative and inspiring profile. (Thanks for the link, Dr. Marcone!)

Bookmark This!! (Other Stuff To Click On & Read If You Like What’s Above)

How A Fabricated Story About Iron Maiden’s Love Of Music Pirates Became Internet Truth

Explore The History Of Pop – And Punk Jazz, And Folk – With The Music Timeline (Thanks for the link, Prof. Kerzner!)

The Shared Genius Of Elon Musk And Steve Jobs (if you don’t know who both of these guys are, read!)

And finally…

Your Music Biz 101 & More Radio Show On WPSC Brave New Radio!

Starting Wednesday, February 5th at 8pm, you’ll get to hear WPU’s own Dr. Marcone and Professor Philp dish out news and interviews on a brand new radio show they’ll host on the #1 college radio station in America, our own WPSC – Brave New Radio WP 88.7.  Click on the link to find out more and see how you can stream it live if you’re out of range.

Coming Soon: The podcast!

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