Doc Esteban Marcone’s Structure & Content of the Music & Entertainment Industry class received a visit from John Boulos, a massive VP of Promotion with Atlantic & Roadrunner Records.  Boulos should be a public speaker.  He was that good.

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Our next Music Biz 101 & More radio show this Wednesday night will feature Erin Jacobson, Esq., the “Music Industry Lawyer.”  Tune in and hear  her talk all about what DIY artists need to know at 8pm.  Plus, she’ll answer your tweets, so think up some great questions.

In the meantime, listen all of our other on-demand podcasts HERE – and we just uploaded the Stephen Dallas and Ryan Star interviews.  If you missed the live shows, go back and listen to these guys.  It’s a free way to get an MBA in Music Biz Knowledge.

Also, you’ll see in a bit an opportunity to win some Warner Music stuff, courtesy of their William Paterson University college rep, Kellyn Barnes.  You gotta do one simple thing and the stuff is yours.  Go for it!

Now make sure you watch the video below that I urge you to watch.  It’s really special.  Just like you!

Your Professor David Kirk Philp

What Happens When Rock Stardom Doesn’t Quite Work Out?

You need to take 10 minutes and watch this video about a guy who lost his leg and turned to the guitar in his time of pain and healing.  Very quickly, he landed a deal with Mercury Records.  And just as quickly, he blew it.

Why watch this?  First, it’s just a great story.  Second, the visuals are very special, almost like a Radiohead video (reminds me of “Paranoid Android”).  Third, you’ll get a little inspiration from a character named Mr. Higgins.

Please, take 10 minutes and watch this.  You’ll enjoy it.  Guaranteed or your money back.  (Thanks to Anton Vishio for passing this along!)

Why Taylor Swift Trademarks Her Lyrics And Why Others May Follow Suit
Our unintended obsession with Taylor Swift continues.  This time, we look into her strategy for trademarking lyrics as a way of truly owning her brand.  This first paragraph from the story should be enough to make you click.

Taylor Swift has made it clear to the world she controls her brand, and one tool the singer leverages regularly to achieve this goal is trademark law. Swift’s team has been regularly filing trademark applications for lyrics and other slogans under her holding company, TAS Rights Management LLC, striking down infringers in the process. But does it really work, and is this approach for everyone?”

What Happens When Your Entire Band Is Arrested?
Click and read this fairly short article about the Polish band Decapitated.  On September 9th, the four members of the band were arrested “on suspicion of kidnapping a woman after their August 31 concert in Spokane.”    The band had just performed a show in Santa Ana, California at the time of the arrest.

So, now what happens?  The band has a lawyer who has publicly stated that the band is innocent of all charges.  But there are music business-related things to think about.

First, the band members are Polish citizens.  We can assume that they are here on some type of work visa that comes with an expiration date.  Worst case scenario for the band is they get deported and can’t qualify for a future visa to enter the United States.  Barring that, there are other worries.

1.  Each day the band is incarcerated is a day they aren’t out on the road, playing to current and potential fans.

2.  Each show that gets cancelled means less revenue for the band, for the promoter, for the agent, for the merch person, and for the manager.  Promoters and agents don’t forget.  That means…

3.  Cancelled shows and lost revenue will make it harder for the band to promoters and agents on board for future shows, which makes it harder to come back and tour in the United States profitably.

Moral of the story?  Make good choices.  If you’re managing a band, be aware of what your band does after a show.  Think worst case scenario.  It just may happen someday.  Let the band know they should be very, very careful.

Now go ahead and click and read the story.

 Your Knowledge Presented By:

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Don’t be afraid to flaunt your purchase!  Order & memorize this masterpiece HERE.  Indie Pop/Electronic artist Xander Marx digs the text. Maybe you will too.

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What is the single most important aspect of the music industry an artist manager needs to understand?

Alana Mulford, Brian Doyle Entertainment (Rick Springfield’s management co.)

“The single most important to understand as a music Manager is PEOPLE. Without an understanding of how people work and function as well as what motivates and inspires them, you can’t understand how to actually make things happen.

“It’s more than music, it’s more than touring, it’s more than recording and more than licensing… Understanding your artists, and their bands, as well as the rest of the industry helps you to make it all come together.”



Win FREE Warner Music Group Stuff!

We’re going to offer a weekly giveaway here starting now.  No purchase necessary.  Here’s all you gotta do, in the words of WMG College Representative Kellyn Barnes:

“Stream “Marmalade” or “Glorious” by Macklemore, “Legends” by Sleeping with Sirens, or “Giants” by Lights on Spotify. They screenshot it and send it to”

There!  That’s pretty easy!!

But what’s the point?  The goal is to increase streams of their music.  If you stream one of these songs and like it, that means you’ll stream it more and probably tell somebody about it.  Then that person may stream it.  And they’ll share it with others.  And so on.  And so on.  Word of mouth is very powerful.  This is ground zero.  Let’s see how this goes.

By the way, did you know Warner Music had their own college-based website, called Warner U?  Now you do.

Podcast of the Week: Melissa DeGeorge – Manager, Kobalt Music

What is Kobalt?  You may know the name but be unsure of its place in the music industry ecosystem.  Let’s just say it’s very important.  Listen to Melissa speak and let your brain indulge in massive intelligence.


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