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(Clockwise from L to R: Zach Matari, Bobby Mahoney, Nicki Costabile, and Miguel Rivera perform original music for Cash Cash songwriter JP Makhlouf, who hung with Martin Briley and the WP Pop program talking music last Thursday.

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Listen this Wednesday at 8PM as your Music Biz 101 & More radio show interviews Ken Jacobsen, who composes music for video games, television and film.  If you’re curious as to how you break into this side of the biz and how different it may be from being in a typical group, you’d best tune in.

Meanwhile, iHeartRadio announced a new streaming service and, to me, their CEO answers questions like a certain presidential candidate in This Interview.  There’s This Article and This Article about the business of being Beyoncé.  Spotify may or may not buy SoundCloud.  And if you haven’t already, try out Spotify’s new Daily Mix.  What do you think?

There’s also this:

Your William Paterson University Popular Music Studies students are tough. See them crossing their arms?  Don’t cross them.  We even got (in the middle) Martin Briley and JP Makhlouf to do whatever we said.  That, friends, is power.

Now go scroll down and click on the topics you hold dear to your heart (and then click on the other ones too).

Your Professor David Kirk Philp

Van Duyne, Bruno & Co.

Britney Spears’ “Toxic” – How Much Do Its Songwriters Earn Each Year?
If you write songs or are into music publishing, or if you want to manage an artist, then you should read this.  It’s a great recap by Billboard about how much the writers of “Toxic” earn each year from the various revenue streams the song gives off.  Click for this one.

The Untold Story of Facebook Live 
This is pretty much a must-read.  Facebook Live, Periscope, Meerkat, – these are all apps that will, and are, affect the live business.  Learn all you can about what’s going on so you can act, rather than react, to changes in the biz. Star Baby Ariel Signs With CAA
Why is this important? Because you may not know much about the app and you may know even less about what CAA is (by the way, CAA is looking for spring interns already.  Click HERE.).  Click on each of these links and become aware.

Cord Cutting May Cost Cable Companies $1 Billion Next Year
Thank Netflix and Hulu and Al Gore, who invented the internet, for this.

Christine Vay Wealth Management

Lyor Cohen Named YouTube’s Global Head of Music
Click on the headline for the news.  Click on the pic for a particular point of view.  Should anyone care about this?  If you’ve been following the backlash against YouTube over the past six months, you’ll know the industry is upset with how they pay (or how little they pay) to rights holders.

Since YouTube is the world’s #2 search engine and still the #1 way for people to find and listen to music, you should keep up with what’s going on here.

Big Royalties Lawsuit: Judge Rules Sony-Spotify Agreement To Be Ambiguous
Is a stream a “broadcast” or a “transmission”?  These semantics matter as it relates to artist royalties.  Click and see where this is going.

Managing Your Band 6th Edition Book Cover (front)

Can MTV Return To The Cultural Forefront? 
Read this interesting interview with MTV president Sean Atkins.  A couple key quotes:

On Jersey Shore: “A show blows up and becomes the largest show on television, and that black hole starts to move the whole brand. But at some point — and you can never predict when — that white-hot nova self-extinguishes. And you’re surrounded with the wake of that. It can take two years to restart your pipeline and recommunicate your identity.”

On just hiring YouTubers: “Adaptations, which is essentially what they’re asking me to do, are really effing hard. Ninety-nine percent of them fail. And the medium matters. A lot.”

This is a good one.  Click.

5 Non-Music Skills Musicians Should Work To Improve
Can you guess any of these before clicking?  Survey says…!  Making a schedule, consistent social media habits…  C’mon.  Check these out.  They’re good ones.

Why The Most Productive People Start Their Day At 4AM
This isn’t exactly easy for most college students, but if you can get yourself into this habit, you may be happier and less stressed.  Click, read, and give it a try (especially if you’re not a college student!).

Brave New Radio

Podcast of the Week: Katie Jelen of Nashville Publisher Secret Road Music

Ken Jacobsen Music Biz 101 & More

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