Dave Lory, former manager of the late-Jeff Buckley, visited a WP Music Biz class recently to talk about his upcoming book about the ’90s music industry and his time with Buckley.  The class will set up a book tour for Dave, as well as a social media plan.  Have ideas?  Have a venue where Dave can talk?  Hit reply and let us know!


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Our next Music Biz 101 & More radio show on Wednesday at 8pm will feature Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR.  She’ll talk about her latest book, Social Media Tuneup, her blog, and how artists and managers can use social media platforms for good (unlike Russia).  Tune in, won’t ya?

In the meantime, listen all of our other on-demand podcasts HERE.  If you missed the live shows, go back and listen to these guys.  It’s a free way to get an MBA in Music Biz Knowledge.

Below, we have updates about the music publishing world, a new addition to our What Artist Managers Need To Know series, and something fun from Warner U.  Scroll down and take it all in.  Sound good?

Your Professor David Kirk Philp



Warner/Chappell Ends Sony/ATV’s 5-Year Reign As Top Publisher

Much like the Houston Astros, this is a nice story about how a company that hasn’t seen the top spot, maybe ever, overcame a Goliath to grab the #1 market share in music publishing.  Even more interesting, the top song, “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back,” is shared by four publishers: 

1.  Warner/Chappell
2.  Universal
3.  Sony/ATV
4.  Words & Music/Big Deal 

Have you ever heard of #4?  Most of you probably haven’t.  That’s why it’s good for you to click on this link and read.  Do you know anything about Pulse Music Group?  Spirit Music Group?  If not, you should. 

If you’re an artist or trying to get into the biz, the more you know about the companies involved, the better your chances of getting an internship or job because you’ll know to focus on more than just the biggest ones.  Be curious.  Be inquisitive.  Ask questions.  The more you know, the better you’ll be.

From The Warner U College Corner

Here’s an update from Warner Music Group College Rep Kellyn Barnes:

“Happy November, friends!

“We have a ton of new music for you this month including Charlotte Cardin, SLØTFACE, and MILCK. Charlotte Cardin’s EP “Main Girl” is available now on Spotify and iTunes. SLØTFACE’s album “Try Not to Freak Out” is also available on Spotify and iTunes. MILCK’s ‘Quiet’ went viral last year during the Women’s March and has since climbed the charts. ‘Quiet’ will be available 11/3 on al streaming services, and the stripped version is available now!

“Check out my November playlist on Spotify too! It’ll be changing throughout the month so keep an eye on it!”

Twitter: @wmg_wayne
Instagram: @wmg_wayne 
Facebook: Facebook.com/wmgwayne

SoundExchange Digital Radio Report

Our pal, Aaron Van Duyne (biz manager for KISS and Charlie Puth) sent this link over.  Just like how you should know the above music publishers, you should understand what SoundExchange is – how it gets money and who it pays.

This is a company that collects over $1 billion each year on behalf of sound recording copyright owners (usually the labels), featured artists, and session musicians/unions.  If you listen to our podcasts with John Simson, who was on the ground floor when S/E started, and Linda Bloss-Baum, who’s there now, you’ll get a fun and easy tutorial all about the important company.

If you scroll down on the main link, you’ll see some items worth clicking on, including a report about the future of radio (the over-the-air, free kind).  SoundExchange collects nothing from terrestrial radio.  The can collect from the online version of radio.  Is that where all of our ears are heading?

Click, read, be better.enough to make a list like this.

Comedic Relief of the Week

Here’s a podcast in which your favorite friends, Doc Esteban (Steve) Marcone and Professor David Kirk Philp, are interviewed by Walt Dailey and his Success With Music program. 

Some of you may have experienced the livestream of this on Instagram.  These two fellas are HOT!!!  They’re also loaded with the funny and somewhat intelligent when it comes to artists and how they should plan out their careers.  Click on the pic or the title and give a listen.  It’ll be the best 38 minutes of your life.

Your Knowledge Presented By:

The book is out!  Did you buy it?!?

Investment.  Order & memorize this masterpiece HERE.  Here, Louisa Correa thinks the smart investment she made by purchasing this book.  Ms. Correa manages Colombian artist Matt Hunter, whose “Mas Que Tu Amigo” has amassed over 10 million streams on Spotify.

Make your sound investment today!

What is the single most important aspect of the music industry an artist manager needs to understand?

Joe Conyers III – Downtown Music & Songtrust

Knowing that while relationships do matter(and can be huge in getting success from a label/publisher/etc), it’s worth exploring new vendors and partners that you’ve not considered in the past more than ever.

“Technology is finally moving fast again in the music space and companies that may have been amazing 3 years ago for your last project might not be suitable now.”

Podcast of the Week: Joe Conyers III of Songtrust & Downtown Music

You saw his quote above in the What a Manager Needs to Know section.  Joe is brilliant and one of the most respected people in the music industry.  We had him on the podcast in summer, 2016.  What he said then is even more relevant now.  Click and listen!

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  • November 22 – Ryan Star (repeat)

  • November 29 – Lucas Prata/Elena Lanza – Independent Radio Promoters

  • December 13 – Chris Roslan – WP alum; President at Roslan & Campion PR

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