Giancarlo Cordasco, center, holds a plaque after being named Most Outstanding Music Management Student for the 2016/2017 school year.  Right after graduation, Giancarlo goes to work full-time for RCA Records.


Our next live Music Biz 101 & More radio show this week features an interview with Melissa DeGeorge, Manager of Licensing & Royalty Administration for Kobalt Music, on Wednesday at 8pm. Tune in!

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Meanwhile, click HERE to read an interview with Jason Flom, the guy who signed Katy Perry and is more influential on the music you listen to than you know.  And click to read 8 Ways To Avoid Self-Sabotage When Building A Music Career.

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Your Professor David Kirk Philp

How Kendrick Lamar Achieved Success Using An Innovative Approach
Have you listened to Damn. yet?  It’s Kendrick Lamar’s new album. It’s a special piece of music.  He’s not getting this far by letting Max Martin produce his tracks.  He’s doing it, apparently, in his own way.  How?  Click and read.  Then listen to the record.

The Mastermind Behind Coachella
Click and read this masterpiece by our friend, the New Yorker’s John Seabrook.  We had John in last year to talk about his book, The Song Machine.  He knows the music business and can write about it with a fluidity and eloquence few can match.  Did we tell you to click?  Yeah, we’re doing it again.

What Your Band Can Learn From One Quote
There was a really good article in the NY Times last week about Instagram’s growth, which you can read HERE.  It featured one quote in particular that really stood out:

“I can confidently say that most of the people who’ll eventually use Instagram don’t use Instagram now.” – Kevin Systrom

What does this mean?  How can it help me?

Click and read this.  It will hopefully inspire both your head and your heart.

About That 10 Bands I’ve Seen Facebook Frenzy
You had to see last last week, right? Everybody, it seemed, listed on Facebook a Top 10 list of bands they’ve seen in concert.  Well, actually, it was 9 bands.  We had to guess which of the 10 was a lie.  Click on the pic or headline to see a quick interview with the guy who came up with the whole idea.

Then, click HERE to read about the dark side of these fun games.  If you haven’t heard, people can find out a lot of who you are by playing this.  And these people don’t want to be your friends.  Read.

Managing Your Band 6th Edition Book Cover (front)


COMING June 6th!


Fyre Festival Called Off Amid Island Chaos
First, let’s give credit to graduating student Matt Manning who tipped this email writer off to the story.  Thank you, Matt.

Now, this has become a big deal.  The Fyre Festival was scheduled to take place this weekend in the Bahamas.  As people arrived, it was cancelled.  Why?  Click to read.  It appears that this was a poorly organized festival from A to Z.  In fact, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism wrote THIS that totally throws the organizers under the bus.

It is suggested that you give this a read so you can learn how NOT to run a scam, which is what this festival turned out to be.  Seriously, click so you can see pics of the “cuisine” of ham & cheese sandwiches people were served.  How many lawyers are circling the islands now?

On Saturday, the organizers released THIS STATEMENT explaining what happened.  Apparently, they’re going to give it a try again in 2018.  Think they’ll make it work?

What Is The ‘Value Gap’?
Occasionally, we tell you there are some key concepts to understand.  Blockchain.  SoundExchange.  Now, it’s the Value Gap.  In our business, the complaint is that YouTube gets more value for the music videos it allows to be played then it pays the labels and artists from whence those videos came.

Now, you can click on the pic or the headline and understand a little bit more about this topic.

How To Put On A Successful Music Fundraiser
Here’s an updated post from last week.  We raised over $15,000 for music scholarships on March 24th.  How?  And why did the Wayne Rotary donate $350?

Click and read.  Everything is here for you to duplicate if you ever want to put on a successful music-based fundraiser.

Music Biz 2017 Nashvillle

The 2016 World Market: 5 Key Points
IFPI, a trade organization in which the acronym stands for International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (that’s why they use an acronym), released a report describing the 2016 world recorded music market.  This article gives you 5 very important takeaways from the report.

If you listened to last week’s Music Biz 101 & More radio show, we talked about these.  In particular, we spent time on the Chinese market and how it has grown from the #14 market in 2015 to #12 in 2016.  With improvements in that country’s music infrastructure, how can it go in 2017?

3 Words By Amazon’s Jeff Bezos That Provide A Brilliant Leadership Lesson 
Whether you want to lead a band, lead a company, lead a division, or lead your family on a hike, give this quick article a click and a read.  Do you agree with what Bezos says?

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