Caitlin Fitzpatrick (front row, left) paid a visit to WPU this past week to talk about the Warner Music Group internship program.  She opened with a 10-minute standup routine that would kill at The Laugh Factory.  You can see the students were impressed.


Our next Music Biz 101 & More radio show
will be a little different.  It will take place Tuesday, March 13th from noon to 2pm and feature an interview with Grammy winner Rob Fusari.  We’ll play the songs from the ’80s that influenced his songwriting and then have a deep discussion about each.  Stream the show live HERE and find out!  Tweet us a question now if you want: @MusicBiz101wp

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Sony to Share Profits From Spotify Stock Sales With Indies: Will Universal & Warner Follow Suit?

Here’s a good one Doc Marcone suggested you read.  Key points:

–  Sony is estimated to currently own 5.7% of Spotify; WMG and Universal each own approximately 5%.
–  The value of Sony’s stock is approximately $1.27 billion; the value of the other two is around $1.106 billion per major.
–  Each major also distributes a sizable number of independent labels.  Of the billions listed above, how much will those indie labels get, if anything?
–  And how much will artists get?

There’s a lot to digest in this article.  Not every answer is here, but it’s worth thinking about.

Warner Music Group Signs Licensing Deal With Facebook

This is important and means something.  A key takeaway:

“As of the fourth quarter of 2017, Facebook had 2.2 billion monthly active users and Instagram 800 million. With these recent licensing deals, these users will soon be able to incorporate just about any licensed song in their shareable experiences.”

If you click and read THIS, you’ll note that The Facebook has already cut deals with publishers like Kobalt and PROs like Global Music Rights, which has never licensed its catalog (which represents the public performance licenses for artists like the Eagles, Drake, and Bruno Mars) to YouTube.

Keep an eye on Facebook.  It may turn out to be a major source of revenue for artists in 2018 and beyond.  But keep an eye on Facebook (part II), because if they turn out to be like YouTube, there will be a lot of complaints from creators about low payouts.

Moe Shalizi

Moe Shalizi is Marshmello’s manager.  I’m not going to pretend like I’ve been listening to Marshmello for years and even had ever heard of him before reading this post.  But whether you or haven’t heard of this EDM artist, read the post.  Then listen to the music, just because you like music.

You know what?  Read the post and listen to the music simultaneously.  Yes, it’s a crazy idea but why not?  Right?  Right.  You’re going to learn something about managing and creativity.  And we all could use a little more creativity in our lives.

The Cliff Burnstein Interview

This is a repeat from last week.  You need to read this interview with respected artist manager Cliff Burnstein.  Click, read, and enjoy.  You are guaranteed to receive at least two nuggets of valuable information.

April 6th: I Want My ’80s: The Best of MTV’s Ladies


Taylor Dayne
Darryl “DMC” McDaniels
Mark Goodman (MTV)
Chris Butler (The Waitresses)
Lori Majewski (SiriusXM)
Rob Fusari (Grammy winning Music Director)

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Your Professor David Kirk Philp

Managing Your Band – 6th Edition is out!  Did you buy it?!?

40% discount.  Hurry! 


 Podcast of the Week: Adam Ritchie of Adam Ritchie Brand Direction

In this episode, Adam Ritchie, of Adam Ritchie Brand Direction, talks about marketing your band and making connections. In this case, he explains how he connected his band, The Lights Out, with a local brewery, to create a cool promotion that sold both beer and music.  Click!

Music Biz 101 & More Radio Show: Here’s Who’s Coming Up Soon! 

Great guests are coming over the next few months to your Music Biz 101 & More radio show.

  • TUESDAY, MARCH 13 – SPECIAL DAY & TIME: 12PM – 2PM Rob Fusari, Grammy Award winner

  • March 28 – James Donio, President Music Biz Association

  • April 25 – Antony Bruno, Royalty Exchange Director of Communications

Tune in at 8 PM each Wednesday for some great, FREE music biz talk.


For full details about the Music & Entertainment Industries Program, including courses, the minor, and our MBA, click HERE.

For full details about the WPU Pop Music Studies Program, including courses and audition requirements, click HERE.


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