(You see that mobile device?  You see the reflection above it?  The human is Matt Hunter.  The device is his iPhone.  The song is “Dicen,” which has amassed 36 million YouTube views over the past 4 weeks.  He’ll be this week’s radio show guest.  Listen.  Mmmkay?)

Our next Music Biz 101 & More radio show will be this Wednesday, June 6th.  Our 8pm show will feature Universal Music Latino artist Matt Hunter, whose hit “Dicen” with LeLe Pons is a giant YouTube hit.  It’s also received 8.5 million streams on Spotify.  Now, that’s not his biggest Spotify hit.  That goes to “Mas Que Tu Amigo,” which has 10.5 million Spotify streams.

How has he done this?  How did he get his label deal?  What kind of deal is it?  How did the “Dicen” collaboration take place?

These are all questions Matt Hunter answers on this week’s show.  By the way, he’s from Paramus, New Jersey.  How does a guy from Paramus get so many streams for songs recorded in Spanish?  Listen on Wednesday to find out.

The rest of the summer will feature all new radio shows pre-recorded in Nashville.  You can see a list of shows through mid-July at the bottom of this email.

Meanwhile, our Twitter account stays alive and active.  Have a question about anything?  Tweet us: @MusicBiz101wp

Stream the show live on Wednesday HERE!

Keep scrolling down.  There’s more great stuff below.

Your Professor David Kirk Philp

The Scooter Braun Interview/Podcast 

We wrote at length last week about our hour+ interview with Scooter Braun while in Nashville.  The interview is up for you to hear on demand.  Just click above on the headline or below on the pic.

Next week, we’ll publish lessons from the interview.  There were many.  This is worth your time, so give it some.

An Interview With Bruce Houghton, Skyline Artist Agency

Your Professor Philp watched a webinar (which he found on Twitter) on May 29, 2018 through Bandzoogle called “Ask a booking agent: An interview with Bruce Houghton of Skyline Music.”  Click HERE to read about Skyline Artist Agency.  You’ll probably recognize some of the artists they represent.

Bruce also runs Hypebot.com, which has republished a number of articles we’ve written here.

We typed as Bruce spoke during the webinar.  Most comments are what he said exactly, although there is some paraphrasing from when I stopped typing for a moment to eat a slice of pizza.  Regardless, there are some great tips in here for DIY artists.


Managing Your Band – 6th Edition is out!  Did you buy it?!?

40% discount.  Hurry! 

Listen To Music Biz 101 & More Live In Nashville

Doc Esteban Marcone and your Professor David Kirk Philp co-hosted (the “co” is there because we were each hosts; if you feel the “co” doesn’t belong, please reply and explain why in a minimum 500 words) a session with four industry vets last week in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our guests, pointing at you in the pic above, included:  Shannan Hatch of SESAC, John Butler of Spotify, Cindy DaSilva or The Rocks Management, and Rohit Anand of Dream Hotels.

The session was interesting in that each guest spoke about things they do every day that nobody knows that they do.  They got into detail about their job functions.  And we discuss why a guy from a fancy hotel chain was on the panel.


Other Good Reads

Did you see what Roseanne Barr did to inflict great damage to her career and reputation?  Please, before you post something stupid on social media, think for a minute.  Are you really, really sure you want to drop that f-bomb?  Are you really, really sure you want to criticize that person?  ESPN is being proactive.  Read THIS in which they’re telling their talent to watch themselves before posting about politics and other, non-sports subjects.

Have you wondered how Instagram populates your feed?  Read THIS.  They just explained their reasoning.

I put this up on LinkedIn the other day.  Click HERE to see two cool jobs available at Apple Music and Spotify, respectively.  There are opportunities for music fans who don’t play an instrument but are obsessed with a particular genre of music.

The Spotify job was open because THIS MAN, who had been in charge of curating their Rap Caviar playlist, left the company to go to YouTube’s new music service.

HERE are 8 things people don’t tell you about social media marketing.  #1A would be this: It’s really hard.

Podcast of the Week

Matt Hunter’s song “Dicen,” a collaboration with LeLe Pons, has almost 29.5 million views over the past three weeks.  How has he done it?  Click and listen to our interview with Matt, recorded last week in Nashville.  You can watch “Dicen” below.

Music Biz 101 & More Radio Show: Here’s Who’s Coming Up Soon! 

Great guests are coming over the next few months to your Music Biz 101 & More radio show

  • June 6 – Universal Latino recording artist, Matt Hunter

  • June 13 – Florida Georgia Line manager, Seth England

  • June 20 – UMG College Marketing kings, Todd Goodwin & Frank Hill

  • June 27 – Memory Lane Music Group Sr VP, Heather Trussell Butsch

  • July 4 – Dream Hotel Group VP Brand Activation, Rohit Anand 

  • July 11 – Music Biz 101 & More Live in Nashville!

  • Every Summer Wednesday – All New Interviews!

Tune in at 8 PM each Wednesday for some great, FREE music biz talk.


For full details about the Music & Entertainment Industries Program, including courses, the minor, and our MBA, click HERE.


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Professor David Philp is Assistant Professor Music & Entertainment Industries and Popular Music Studies at William Paterson University. He is the co-host of the only FREE advice college radio-based music & entertainment industry talk show in America, Music Biz 101 & More, which airs live most Wednesday nights and is available as a podcast HERE every night (days too).  Your favorite professor is also co-author (with Dr. Steve Marcone) of Managing Your Band – 6th Edition.  Reach him at PhilpD@wpunj.edu or find him on LinkedIn HERE.

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