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(Here’s my daughter’s left eye.  Oh, and the cover of the spring WP Presents! mail piece featuring our “I Want My ’80s: The Best of MTV’s Early Years” on the cover.  The show rocks your world Friday, March 24th.  You’re going.)


Hola Las Personas!  Como Esta Ustedes? 

Hey – Our next live Music Biz 101 & More radio show takes place Wednesday, February 22nd at 8pm.  Our special guest will be Dr. Richard Burgess, a big dawg at A2IM.  Know what that is?  If not, look it up HERE.  We’ll ‘splain more about them next week.

In the meantime, tune in to our podcasts HERE – and we’re always open to answer your tweets, so ask away.

Music biz stuff is going on.  Bandcamp went political on Friday, helping to raise at least $120,000 for the ACLU.  If you’re a fan of SoundCloud, this latest lawsuit against them doesn’t help this company that’s allegedly hemorrhaging cash.  Apparently, Beyoncé‘s clothing company isn’t being very nice to its workers in Sri Lanka. And HERE are some predictions for next week’s Grammy Awards.

Oh, and there’s this:

Lori Majewski of SiriusXM and the author of Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave Artists and Songs That Defined the ’80s spoke last Tuesday night as part of William Paterson University’s Music Management Seminar Series.  This is behind the stage, where the filming of the event took place.  Next up in the series, author Chuck Granata on February 21st.

Wanna go?  These events are open to the public.  Click HERE or hit up Professor David Kirk Philp if you want more info.  Just reply to this or call/text him (that’s me!): 917-204-1929.

Now scroll down and click on the topics you hold dear to your heart (and then click on the other ones too).

Your Professor David Kirk Philp

Van Duyne, Bruno & Co.

4th Quarter’s #1 Song Owned By 3 Publishers
If you’re a songwriter, you should click and read this.  It’s not only important to be aware of the top publishers in the business, it’s also important to know that hit songs take more than one, or two, or five songwriters.

“Closer” by The Chainsmokers was written by 6 humans.  This week’s #1 song on the Billboard chart, “Bad and Boujee,” needed 5 humans.

It’s a collaborative business.  How are your people skills?

How Performing At The Super Bowl Affects An Artist’s Fanbase
This article looks at the 2013 through 2016 Super Bowls and looks at YouTube subscriber growth and view increases.

Even more interesting is THIS ARTICLE about placing songs within Super Bowl commercials.  Great interview with Universal Music’s Tom Eaton, the SVP of Music for Advertising.


Read This Before You Ask Someone To Coffee
Found this on LinkedIn.  You should go to their newsfeed often.  There’s great stuff there.

If you’re into networking, asking somebody if you can buy them a cup of coffee is a great way to get a meeting.   But then what?  And after it’s over, another “then what” comes around.  This article is spot on with suggestions.  I urge to read this twice and follow its advice.


Christine Vay Wealth Management

Mark Goodman, Darryl McDaniels & Rob Fusari

I Want My ’80s: The Best of MTV’s Early Years Brings The Star Power
Big show taking place at William Paterson University on Friday, March 24th at 7:30 pm.  Original MTV VJ Mark Goodman will host “I Want My ’80s: The Best of MTV’s Early Years.”  Grammy Award winner Rob Fusari is Music Director of a rockin’ student band, which will perform 3 Run DMC classics with the “DMC” himself, Darryl McDaniels.

Click on the link for details, including ticket prices.  You’re going to this.  You probably just don’t know it yet.

CBS Radio/Entercom to Merge Creating 244-Station Industry Giant
Why is this important to you?  Because radio is STILL a huge driver of music listenership.  You personally may not listen to radio much, but tens of millions of people do, so understand that part of the biz.

Music Biz 2017 Nashvillle

Managing Your Band 6th Edition Book Cover (front)




Is Facebook Trying To Screw The Entire Music Industry?
Did you know that every time you see a video on Facebook with music playing, the social media platform apparently isn’t paying any royalties or licensing fees for the use of that music?  Read this for more detail.  You’ll hear a lot about this in 2017.  Stay tuned.

Is It Too Late To Learn Music Theory?
The answer is no.  It’s never too late to learn anything (unless you’re falling from the sky wondering if you should have taken parachute lessons first).  Click and read this.  ‘Tis a good one for ya.

Brave New Radio

Podcast of the Week: “Song Machine” Author John Seabrook

This podcast ties in to our top story about, about the number of songwriters needed to craft a hit song.  Give a listen.  Like Coca-Cola, it’s the real thing.

Music Biz 101 & more new season

Music Biz 101 & More Podcasts: Stream Us 24/7

Our 2017 schedule looks like this:

  • January 25th – Zev Feldman: Big Dawg at Resonance Records
  • February 22nd – Richard James Burgess: President of A2IM
  • March 1st – Todd Horn: VP of International at ADA
  • March 8 – Darryl “DMC” McDaniels interviewed by Rob Fusari
  • March 22 – Mark Goodman, SiriusXM & original MTV VJ
  • March 29 – Kevin Erickson: National Organizing Director at Future of Music Coalition
  • April 5 – Tom Mullen: Sr. Director of Creative Partnerships, Sony/Legacy Recordings
  • May 3 – Melissa DeGeorge: Kobalt Music Mgr. Licensing & Royalty Admin.

Mark those dates on your calendar; 8 PM on Wednesdays.  What do you want to know?  Who do you want to hear from?  Let us know!  The best part?  It’s FREE music biz talk.


For full details about the Music Management Program, including courses, the minor, and our MBA, click HERE.

For full details about the WPU Pop Music Studies Program, including courses and audition requirements, click HERE.


Professor David Philp is Assistant Professor Music Management & Popular Music Studies at William Paterson University. He is the co-host of the only FREE advice college radio-based music & entertainment industry talk show in America, Music Biz 101 & More, which airs live most Wednesday nights and is available as a podcast HERE every night (days too).  Reach him at or find him on LinkedIn HERE.

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