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It’s break time!

The entertainment industry is about to shut down until January, so we’ll do the same.  This is your last newsletter until the 8th, so reach out and touch your screen.  We’ll feel the love.

Our next live Music Biz 101 & More radio show takes place on Wednesday, January 25th at 8pm.  Until then, we’ll feature some “Best Of” shows and you’ll also get to hear some William Paterson University men’s basketball.  Our men in shorts appreciate your support.

Now, the rest of this email will be a 2016 Music Biz Year in Review.  What happened this year?  Scroll down for reminders.  PLUS, we asked a bunch o’ industry folks for their 2017 predictions.  You’ll get to see those too.

Go scroll down and click on the topics you hold dear to your heart (and then click on the other ones too).  And have a happy holiday season!

Your Professor David Kirk Philp
Van Duyne, Bruno & Co.

The Experts Weigh In – Music Industry Predictions For 2017
We asked a wide scope of music biz experts what their predictions for 2017 were.  From management to publishing to labels, A&R, and marketing, here are the answers we got.  You’ll be surprised and impressed, so click!

Congrats To Rob Fusari For Co-Writing A U.K. Christmas Hit
What’s the song (“A Christmas We Deserve”)?  Who performed it (ABC)?  What’s it sound like (click to listen)?  How’d he get this gig (click to find out)?  And who’s Rob Fusari (click to read)?

Top Stories of 2016: We Lost Too Many Heroes
Click on the link.  The list is far too long.  But it’s worth taking the time to remember.  Some of these people you’ve probably never heard of; the list is made up of both actors and musicians.

In addition, our friend and the head of the William Paterson University Pop Music Department, Prof. Dave Kerzner, lost his mother last week.  You may not recognize the name, but her influence will be felt for decades.

Adrianne Tolsch, Pioneering Stand-Up Comic, Dies at 78

Christine Vay Wealth Management

Top Stories of 2016: Tips For Interns & Grads
Click on the links below to read some stories that will help our college audience gain needed internship experience or jobs once they graduate.

There are many, many more.  Keep opening this newsletter in 2017 to see what other nuggets turn up.

Music Biz 2017 Nashvillle

Managing Your Band 6th Edition Book Cover (front)




Top Stories of 2016: The Music Industry
It was a big year for streaming, for lawsuits, and much more.  Click on the highlights below to refresh your memories.

There’s a lot more, but you get the gist.  Make sure you keep up in 2017.  The great thing about the industry is it’s constantly changing.  Embrace that!


Brave New Radio

Podcast of the Week: “Christmas Wrapping” Writer Chris Butler

Music Biz 101 & more new season

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Mark those dates on your calendar; 8 PM on Wednesdays.  What do you want to know?  Who do you want to hear from? Let us know!  The best part?  It’s FREE music biz talk.


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Professor David Philp is Assistant Professor Music Management & Popular Music Studies at William Paterson University. He is the co-host of the only FREE advice college radio-based music & entertainment industry talk show in America, Music Biz 101 & More, which airs live most Wednesday nights and is available as a podcast HERE every night (days too).  Reach him at or find him on LinkedIn HERE.

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