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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up

Must Read(s) Of The Week:

Japan’s Recorded Music Market Up 1.1% While Streaming Jumps 43%

It’s important to know what’s going on outside of the United States.  We can build all the walls we want, but the sound of music will still carry over (or under).  For example, did you know that the physical sales still generate 85% of the recorded music revenues in Japan?
Click & read and get a quick tutorial on one of the world’s biggest music markets.

Must Read of the Week #2:

Major Label Bosses Usually Don’t Talk Like This

Sticking with other parts of the world other than your US of A, you must read this interview with the top dawgs at Universal, Sony and Warner Music in Sweden.  A generation ago, the Swedes were known for bringing us Abba and palindromes.

Today, Sweden brings us Max Martin, Avicii, and Spotify.

Is the Swedish music market a good precursor to what will happen in the U.S.?  Or are they bound to be different in terms of how consumers use and listen to music?  This is a telling interview that covers revenues, piracy, exclusives on Tidal and Apple Music, and more.  Click & read.

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Pic of the Week #1:

A new school year started this past week at William Paterson University.  Here’s this year’s batch of Popular Music Studies majors, led by Professor David Kerzner.

Pic of the Week #2:

We’re in first place.  If you want to talk Mets, let’s do it.

Pic of the Week #3:

Bianca Russo (left) and Jess Frank are your new Music Biz 101 & More radio show/podcast producers.  Congratulate them.  They will now have the most valuable LinkedIn profiles on the planet.

Pic of the Week #4:

(Photo by Jessica Talos)

Doc Marcone and Professor Philp ruin WP Music Management grad Amanda Zook’s concentration during an MBA Meet & Greet event held last week.  Is Philp going bald?

Pic of the Week #5:

(Photo by Jessica Talos)

Here’s Philp with the dean of The Cotsakos College of Business at William Paterson University, Siamack Shojai.  He’s not only brilliant, but he’s a strong public speaker and has a great sense of humor.  Interested in getting an MBA in the music biz?  Ask us how.


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They’ll talk about how Lanz got management, why she has co-managers, what their plan is to break her big, and how it all fits together.  If you’re interested in managing an artist, or if you’re a young artist trying to figure this all out, make sure you listen!

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 More Stuff To Check Out:

Modern Promotion and Playlists: Beyond Payola

We’ve posted articles a couple of times here about the payola that may be going on between labels, artists and popular playlists on Spotify and other streaming sites.  But what about the traditional, legitimate way of getting an artist on?

It’s no different than trying to convince a retailer to get behind an album, or a radio programmer to put a song into rotation, says a major-label marketing executive. “They’re a curator and we have to convince them our artists are awesome.”

Click & read.

The Daily Show’s New Social Media Hire

If you haven’t heard of Baratrunde  Thurston, I’m glad you have now.  He’s a comic, an author (How To Be Black), an entrepreneur, and now a supervisor to The Daily Show in which he’ll oversee digital content.  Click and get a quick snapshot of what this entails.  Maybe this is the perfect job for you one day.

Deutsche Grammophon’s New President

Take 45 seconds and click on this link.  Even if you aren’t a fan of classical music (although I urge you to give it a try), you should understand the background of DG’s new president.  You can do this, if you want, too.

Instagram: The New Political War Room?

Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent, this NPR report is a good listen. Change the people in your mind from politicians to artists and maybe you can steal a trick or two from this.

Desert Music: Burning Man Confronts The Rising Beat

EDM is now a major part of the Nevada Burning Man festival.  But is that what the founders really want?  And how are they dealing with this change?  Click to check it out.

UMG Earnings Climb 7% In First Half Of 2015

This is good news, especially because the Universal Music Group is the biggest of the Big 3 major label groups.  How did the make their money?  Just click.

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Hulu Announces Ad-Free Streaming Option

Stories From the VMA 2015 Producer

Indie Industry Sets Its Sights On Playlists

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