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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up

Must Read(s) Of The Week:

“Happy Birthday” Copyright Ruled To Be Invalid

“Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Reader, Happy Birthday To You.”  Yes, it now costs me nothing to reprint the lyrics to one of the world’s most-known songs.  Up until a few days ago, I would have had to license these words.  And pay something for the rights (you’d lend it to me, right?).  But this past week, a judge said that the song lyrics are not owned by publisher Warner/Chappell.

Click to read an LA Times account of the story, which is one of the best ones I’ve come across.  The questions now:  Does anybody own the lyrics?  Will Warner/Chappell appeal? And does Warner/Chappell have to pay everyone back from whom they collected licensing money?

They’ve claimed ownership of the song since 1988 and the consensus is they collect $2 million per year in licensing fees.  That’s 27 years times 2 million smackers.  Are they on the hook for $54 million?  In the words of Asia, “Only time will tell.”  (Asia lyrics reprinted via Fair Use.  Please don’t sue me.)

(Big thanks to Tim, Jess, Bianca, and Paul Sinclair for links to this story.)

Must Read of the Week #2:

The Rich Get Richer?  How BMI Now Pays Their Most-Streamed Songs

It’s been a mystery for years how the PROs (performance rights organizations) pay their members.  BMI announced this past week how they’ll pay a bonus to the songs that get the most streams on Spotify and Rhapsody (no mention of YouTube, which is by far the largest streaming site in the world).  This bonus will complement BMI premiums on songs played the most on TV and radio.

While this is great news for Adam Levine and Adele, does it matter much to the 99% of songwriters who are working their collective behinds off but don’t have any hits?  Or is that irrelevant because this new bonus incentivizes more people to write better?  What do you think?

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Pic of the Week #1:

Just, Miguel, Christina and Ariana in their contemplative, autumnal pose.  They’re not just Pop students.  They’re thinkers.

Pic of the Week #2:

Here’s your 2015-2016 MEO (Music & Entertainment Organization) student-run group, led by President Joelle Filippe.  You can see her, can’t you?  Yeah, she’s in there somewhere.

This group will produce two big events over the next 6 weeks: An October 26th Music Biz 101 Live networking & panel discussion and a November 11th WP artist showcase.  Hit reply and ask for more info.

Pic of the Week #3:

Respected artist manager Dave Lory, who’s worked with Gregg Allman, Courtney Love, and Jeff Buckley, stands with Ashley, Jess, Yasmin, Cole, Bobby, Joelle, and Marla, who model a new pose that’s bound to catch on in schools around America.

This group is part of a Modern Entertainment Company I class that is working with Lory and an artist he represents, Lanz Pierce.  The class will also produce Collage!, a December 4th fundraising concert featuring the Best of the Best of William Paterson University music students.

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