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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up

Must Read(s) Of The Week:

Miley Cyrus – The Economics Of Her New Album

Do you respect Miley Cyrus?  I mean, whether you like her music or not, have you been following what she has done as a 21st century artist?  She already has 11 years of music industry experience and she’s only 22 years old.

Read this article about how much Bangerz made and how her label allowed her to release her newest album on SoundCloud for free.  Then answer this question:

Ask yourself: could you honestly imagine Cyrus’s pop peers – Taylor Swift, yes, but also One DirectionAriana Grande or Meghan Trainor – making such a bold, profit-averse move?

Must Read of the Week #2:

What Does 1 Trillion Streams Mean?

I changed the headlines for our first Must Reads of the Week because, well, the existing titles were wrong.  Click and read each to agree or disagree.

Anyhoo, if you get easily confused about what service is a streaming service, and what kind of streaming service each is, and want to know how these services pay rights holders, read this article.  It doesn’t answer every question, but it does a pretty good job of recapping where we are.

Where are we?  Click & read and see if you can figure out the answer.

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Pic of the Week #1:

WP Music in Social Media students ignore their professor and do something like this.  At least my name was spelled right.

Pic of the Week #2:

WP Music Management students Marla Cassenti (left) and Ashley Overa want you to know that they’re the future of the music business, so watch out.

Pic of the Week #3:

Rap artist Lanz Pierce visits this past Wednesday with WP’s Modern Entertainment Company I class.  Such happy people.


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 More Stuff To Check Out:

Pandora At 10: A ‘Smart’ Radio Startup Becomes Ad-Supported Giant

Do you have the Pandora Radio app?  According to a recent survey, the Pandora app has #2 in terms of time spent using.  How has Pandora succeeded and made money?  Click to read.

Mexico Recorded Music Industry Grows 11% As Digital Dominates

Don’t forget international.  Mexico is the 14th largest music market in the world.  Get in there and take advantage before Trump’s wall keeps us out.  Click & read.

LA’s Philharmonic Is Bringing The Symphony To Everyone – In VR

“VR” stands for Virtual Reality, and the LA Philharmonic, with a dynamic young leader, is touring dried out Southern California with a specially equipped bus for regular folks to sample the sound and vision of the LA Philharmonic.  What can we learn from this? Click.

BMI Reports Record Breaking $1 Billion Revenue

If you write songs, or your mom does, this is good news.  It means the value of compositions (the song itself, not the recording of it) still has tremendous demand, even though challenges such as low payout for streaming exist.  Click & read & be happy.

Study Finds 95% of Available Streaming Catalog ‘Irrelevant’ To Consumers

In other words, if nobody has heard of you, nobody cares.  Take this article as a mass generalization.  And also look deeper.  New artists are all niche.  How can they expand their niche and become relevant?

A Warner Letter To Songwriters

Martin Bandier (pictured above with Sting) is the big cheese at Sony/ATV Music Publishing, one of the top publishers in the world.  He recently wrote a letter to songwriters informing them of potential changes being considered by the Department of Justice that would affect them.

The changes deal with PROs and streaming and, of course, money.  Read this and see if you can understand how this could one day affect you.

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Taylor Swift’s World Tour Grosses $130 Million

Takeaways From Apple’s Fall Announcements

40 Years of Twisted: How The Twisted Sister Brand Survives & Thrives

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