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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up

Must Read Of The Week:

Internships: How To Survive The Online Application

If you’re looking for an internship, you might very well need to fill out an online application. How can you nail it?  Click and read some tips from a music industry person who is one of the people who reads completed applications.  Then look below.

Must Read of the Week #2:


Spring Internships at Warner Music Group?  Apply Now!

If you’re looking to intern at WMG this spring semester, go HERE and apply.  As you know, we have a new relationship with these folks to help place our most qualified students.  So if you don’t get an internship there this time, try again.  If you apply, be sure to let Prof. Philp know so he can try to help!

Before you apply for any spring internship, we recommend you read THIS, which was written to help you nail that phone or in-person internship interview.


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Pic of the Week #1:

Songwriter/Producer/Musician Andrew Wyatt (“Grenade” by Bruno Mars) visited William Paterson University’s Popular Music Studies program on Thursday and was interviewed by Martin Briley, no slouch himself when it comes to writing memorable hooks.  More to come next week!

Meanwhile, the students had fun too.

Pic of the Week #2:

Next Monday.  What are you doing?  Go to this.  It’s a great opportunity to network with industry veterans and then learn in a panel discussion.  Click reply and ask for more info.

Pic of the Week #3:

Here’s a merch idea for you – make guitars or mics or pianos or, yes, even handbells out of chocolate and sell them.  At a free gig your Professor Philp hosted last week for CUMAC, a major NJ food bank, one revenue stream (remember, it was FREE to get in) was from snacks and these chocolate handbells.

We raised $3,000 for CUMAC.  Ask us how we did it.

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** Our guest this week is Linda Lorence-Critelli, VP of SESAC!’**

Linda will discuss how she went from professional singer to PRO heavyweight, what the SESAC purchase of the Harry Fox Agency means to songwriters, and more.  This is going to be extremely interesting, so make sure you listen!

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More Stuff To Check Out:

The Worst Blockbuster of 2015 is Also Its Biggest Bomb

Let’s blame your 2015 New York Mets.  Nobody wanted to watch Pan because they wanted to focus on Los Mets.  All right, maybe not.  But for some reason, nobody saw this movie last week, this hugely expensive, apparent mess of a movie.  Record companies lose money on most releases, but not this much on a single release.  Click, read and compare the two industries.

Netflix Raises Prices For New Users By $1 Per Month

I would argue that the best thing that ever happened to the movie business was Napster.  That illegal service threw the music biz for a loop and completely devalued music.  The movie business?  They learned and were able to hold off the apocalypse felt by the music industry.

While Spotify and Tidal and Apple Music and Pandora, for example, struggle for subscriptions, Netflix is doing so well they can raise prices.  Do you think music will ever get get to this level?

Bands and Ticketmaster Wrangle Over FanClub Sales

Read this article to get a glimpse of some behind-the-scenes wrestling going on between Ticketmaster and 8%.  What does 8% represent?  The amount of tickets acts have historically been able to sell directly to fan clubs and in VIP packages.  But is that number in jeopardy?

If you manage artists or are an artist yourself, familiarize yourself with this part of the biz.
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More Stuff To Check Out Part II:

5 Myths About The American Music Market  

Is vinyl really generating more revenue than ad-supported streaming?  Is the CD over?  I mean, really over?  Is the download dead too?  Click, read, and find some surprising answers. You’ll also learn how to think about these issue.  (Thanks to Paul Sinclair for the link.)

Spotify UK Subscription Revenue Worth 10 Times Ad Supported

Take a look at this to see some balance sheet specifics about how Spotify earns its United Kingdom revenue.  This is for hard-core music business geeks.  Just look.

MBA in Music Management Grad Student Licenses Song To “The Visit”

M. Night Shyamalian’s latest movie, The Visit, featured a song called “War Child” by Sierra Leone native Warchild.  The song was licensed to the film by MBA in Music Management grad student Al Cohen’s CueHits, which is the licensing division of his ACM Records.

Join us in congratulating Al on this great achievement.  Click on the link or pic to hear the track.

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Forbes Names Top YouTube Earners of 2015

Steven Tyler: Politicians Must Respect and Protect Copyright

The Power of Writing Things Down

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