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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up

Must Read(s) Of The Week:

The Passion of Nicki Manaj

Here’s a big article in this week’s New York Times Magazine that discusses the strength of female pop stars in 2015, led in part by Nicki Manaj.  Give a read.  The article covers her start as an artist, her status in the world of Rap and Hip-Hop, and how she tries to empower girls and women.

Must Read of the Week #2:

Sold Out ‘Hamilton’ Takes The Singing To The Street

This is an EXCELLENT article about what the creator and lead actor of Broadway’s hit show, Hamilton, is doing from a street level and social media perspective to promote the show.  It’s working.  And getting copied.  Can you adapt this idea to your shows?


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Pic of the Week #1:

If you’re into songwriting, you’re invited to our first-ever Pop Seminar Guest Series. Hosted by WP faculty member Martin Briley, who’s written and/or played with everyone from Pat Benatar to Marc Anthony to *NSYNC, each songwriter in the series brings something unique.

Put these dates on your calendars and come on down for some free learnin’!

Pic of the Week #2:

Networking & Learnin’.  What else can you ask for?  Here’s another FREE event open to anyone on this newsletter.  Click reply and ask for more info.

Pic of the Week #3:

At a wedding last week, your email author (the dude writin’ what you’re readin’) saw some interesting merch – for the bride & groom.  Do these images stimulate your creative mind as it comes to music & bands?

Pic of the Week #4:

Here’s a poor pic of William Paterson University MBA Director Michael Yakubov at an MBA open house for prospective students last week.  On the screen is Kari Keller, 2015 MBA in Music Management grad who just got a job with music business attorney Ron Bienstock.

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Spring Internships at Warner Music Group?  Apply Now!

If you’re looking to intern at WMG this spring semester, go HERE and apply.  As you know, we have a new relationship with these folks to help place our most qualified students.  So if you don’t get an internship there this time, try again.  If you apply, be sure to let Prof. Philp know so he can try to help!

Before you apply for any spring internship, we recommend you read THIS, which was written to help you nail that phone or in-person internship interview.

More Stuff To Check Out:

EDM After the Drop: What A Wonded Corporate Giant Means for Dance Music Culture

If you’re into EDM music and/or the EDM culture, read this really well written article that covers SFX Entertainment, the fallout from the mess of Georgia’s TomorrowWorld Festival last month, and the future of the genre.  When $1 billion in value falls to $70 million, something is wrong.  Read to see if you know what that is.

“See You Again” Becomes First Rap Song To Reach 1 Billion YouTube Views

We want to congratulate Charlie Puth, from Jersey, who’s made his state proud for this headline.  Even better, Charlie’s business manager is your friend & WP Music Biz professor, Aaron Van Duyne.  Way to go you guys!

This WP Sax Teacher Is In NYC’s Hottest Anti-Wedding Band

Seriously.  Read this NY Times article about WP Classical saxophone professor Tim Reudeman’s wedding band that is described as an “anti-wedding” band.  If cover tunes sound like a bad Plan B for your career, you’ll think again after reading this.  Congrats, Tim!
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Sony Poised To Sell Stake In Sony/ATV

Did you know that the biggest publisher in the world is Sony/ATV?  Did you know that Michael Jackson’s estate is a 50% owner?  Did you know the company is worth around $2 billion? Why would Sony/ATV want to sell?  Lower revenues due to streaming and online radio, for starters. Click and keep up with this.

Justin Bieber’s Privates: How Private Are They When In Public View?

Justin Bieber was recently photographed nude without his knowledge.  Is this legal?  Yes, apparently, if he, as a public figure, was in a place accessible to the public.  No, apparently, if the people who took the pics sell them for reasons other than news.  Click and read this interesting discussion.  (Note how we didn’t lead this post with an image.  How ironic.)

9 Email Mistakes That Make People Ignore Your Messages

More irony – The people making these mistakes are the ones not reading this email and amassing more brainiac knowledge.  This is one of those articles where all you need to do is read the 9 headers and you’ll get it.  Click, improve, and read the paragraphs if one point really floors you.

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