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Your Music Biz 101 Music Industry &
Social Media Wrap-Up

Must Read of the Week I:

William Paterson Music Business Programs Team Up With WMG

We’re excited about our new association with the Warner Music Group.  Qualified WP Music Management & Pop
Music students will be encouraged to apply for WMG internship opportunities.

Plus, the program will have access to WMG personnel in various departments, like A&R and Direct 2 Consumer,
AND the company will fulfill the role of 2015-2016 Visiting Expert-In-Residence, formerly filled by one person
(like Atlantic’s Paul Sinclair in 2014-2015).

This helps set the nationally ranked WP Music Biz program apart from nearly every other music business program
across the country.  Exciting, huh?

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Must Listen Of The Week:

Atlantic Records Exec Paul Sinclair Talks Internships, Spotify, & More

In this podcast (you can hear it on your mobile device too through Stitcher Radio), Atlantic Records Executive
VP of Digital Strategy & Innovation, Paul Sinclair, talks about:

  • What he looks for when hiring interns,
  • The importance of Spotify playlists, and
  • The new arrangement between the Warner Music Group (Atlantic is WMG’s top label) and the William
    Paterson University Music Business programs.

This one is chock full o’ good stuff.  Click and listen!

Must Read of the Week II

The Spotify/Sony Contract

A big deal was made last week of a leaked 2011 contract between Sony and Spotify that shed a light on the
terms and financials of the deal.  You should glance at it, just to see.  If you’re into entertainment law, read the whole she-bang.

Pic of the Week #1:

Brian Dacey plays his sax outside the Shea Center for the Performing Arts in May. 

Pic of the Week #2:

You’ve got Phillip Gorokhovsky on the left and professors Marcone & Philp on the right, all pre-recording
intros for the next five weeks of radio shows.  Don’t these boys look fascinating?


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(For real; last week’s show was accidentally booking agent Adam Kornfeld.) 

The next five weeks will feature interviews with this year’s Music Management Seminar Series guests.

You’ll hear Donna talk about:

  • Marketing festivals 

  • The best places to spend advertising dollars 

  • Dynamic ticket pricing  

Each interview was performed by Steve Leeds, WP Adjunct Professor and Sirius/XM VP Talent & Industry Affairs. 

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More Stuff To Check Out:

Kobalt Changed The Rules of the Music Industry Using Data – And Saved It

I’m sure there are some who work for labels (or Spotify or YouTube) who would disagree that Kobalt
“saved” the industry, but egos aside, this is a fantastic article that will give you more insight on today’s
world of publishing and allocation of royalties.

Big thanks to Doc Marcone for the link!

5 Things To Understand About The Spotify Contract Leak

Big thanks to Doc Marcone for this link.  You saw the leaked contract above.  Now read about the leak’s
importance in the link (or click HERE to read our coverage of this story last week).

9 Reasons You Won’t Pay For Apple Music

As you read this, Apple is preparing to make their formal announcement of their new streaming competitor
to Spotify (and Tidal and Rhapsody and all the others). It’s already getting criticism.  Read this article, and
the comments below it, to see why.

YouTube Talks About Its Streaming Service & Mobile Strategy

“But wait, Dave, you just said Apple Music has a new thing!”


YouTube’s is called MusicKey, which has been in beta (test) mode for six months. Read to discover
what this service is all about and how important mobile has become to YouTube.

SoundCloud Talks About Copyright Takedown Policies

“But wait, Dave,” you say, exasperatedly.  “SoundCloud has a streaming service that’s a Spotify
competitor too?”


SoundCloud is working on the licensing of content from Universal and Sony (they already have a deal
with WMG).  In the meantime, how do they deal with all of the mashups and illegal uploads by SoundCloud
users?  Good article that explains how they, and YouTube, go through the process.  Click & read.

How A Long-Suffering Mets Fan Built A Business From His Pain

As of this writing, the Mets are in first place, so the world is perfect.  With that in mind, the Mets
break the hearts of their fans on a regular basis.  How did this one fan turn his heartbreak in a
multi-million dollar t-shirt business?  Read this.  Even if you hate baseball.  Even if you hate the Mets.
Just do it.

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How One Bad-Ass Woman Is Securing Her Future At An All-Female Coding Camp

Music Makes You A Better Reader (Reply If You Read This!)

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