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Your Music Biz 101 Music Industry & Social Media Wrap-Up (June 1st)

Must Listen Of The Week:

Startup – The Podcast

Click on this link or go to Stitcher or iTunes and start listening to this podcast. It’s a great story, told in real time,
of a man trying to form his own company, raise money, and give it the right name.

Each episode is only 20-25 minutes.  You’ll get addicted, so spend the summer listening.

Must Read of the Week I:

Pop, Planes, and Ponzi: The Rise and Fall of Boy Band Manager Lou Pearlman

In this post by recent MBA in Music Management graduate Kari Keller, you’ll read about Lou Pearlman, one of
the most successful artist managers of the 1990s and early-2000s.

You should look this over to understand what he did and how you can protect yourself from guys like this.

While you’re reading, how about streaming WPSC: Brave New Radio HERE.

Must Read of the Week II

Indie Artist Zoe Keating Releases New Spotify Payments

This is interesting because you can calculate what cellist Zoe Keating averaged per stream on Spotify over
5 months (1/2/15 through 5/19/15).

Click on the link to see for yourself (my math says $0.0032 per stream; that’s 3 one-thousandths of a penny
per stream).  See why recording artists are upset?

Must Listen of the Week II:

DIY Artists Zach Matari & Enki Bello: The Music Biz 101 & More Podcast

We included this because many of you may know Zach Matari and Enki Bello. Zach is a Popular Music
Studies student, currently on the road and on hiatus from school, and Enki just graduated from the same program.

In this interview, they talk about how they make and raise money, book shows, and use social media.

You’ll learn a thing or two, so click on the link or look it up on Stitcher Radio HERE on your phone.

Pic of the Week #1:

Doc Marcone, the head of the WP Music Management program, has been on assignment in France. He sent
over this final pic for you all to see.  I guess the music business is international, isn’t it?

Pic of the Week #2:

Music business consultant Jerry Lembo was our guest on last Wednesday’s Music Biz 101 & More radio show.
He brought in over 100 VIP passes to shows he’s attended over the years.  Did you go to any of these too?


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More Stuff To Check Out:

Broadway’s Box Office And Attendance Figures Break Records

Don’t underestimate the power of Broadway.  Think you have a good showtune or story in you?  There’s money to be made here.  If it’s really, really, really good.

Five Things To Understand About The Spotify Contract Link

I hope you’re keeping up with this.  Last week, we turned you on to THIS ARTICLE, which explained terms of Spotify’s distribution deal with Sony.  This article gives you some more food for thought.  So eat and read.

Latin Players: Meet Miguel Piedra & David Naranjo of Rock Orange

This is a great article, not just because it talks a bit about the Latino music industry, but it also describes some great music marketing campaigns.  Give this one a read and absorb like a sponge how they go about their business.

How The Dead & The Stones Are Beating The Bots & Scalpers In Ticket Sales

Want to understand a little bit more about how tickets are allocated to fans?  Read this article.  Then read it again because you probably won’t get it all the first time.

The Internship Interview: How To Prove You’re The Top Choice

Repeat From Last Week:  After speaking with some people in the industry, we’ve put together some tips that can help you nail that internship interview and incrementally raise your chances to get the gig.

This is a must read if you want to break into the music biz.

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