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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up

Special Note:  There won’t be a weekly newsletter next Sunday.  Your professor is going away for one final time this summer with his children, Moe & Shemp.  He’ll be back the following week.  That okay with you?

Must Read(s) Of The Week:

How Katy Perry Became America’s Top Pop Export

In the past year, Katy Perry has earned more money than Taylor Swift (you surprised?). On the tail end of an 18-month tour, Ms. Perry considers herself an entrepreneur; someone who runs her own company.

It doesn’t matter if you like her music or not.  There’s something to take from this for anyone interested in da music biz.  So click, read, and see what’s in it for you.

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Pic of the Week #1:

That’s Doc Marcone in the pic, conducting The Big Beat last Wednesday night during William Paterson’s Summer Jazz Room Series week.  The guy who took this pic was blown away by the music.  Ask me about Big Beat’s new EP.  ‘Tis excellent.

Must Read of the Week #2:

Music Biz Is Going To Music Biz In Music City

Your Music Biz 101 & More radio show is heading to the 2016 Music Biz Association convention that will be held in Nashville’s Renaissance Hotel.  This road trip will be part of a summer class for William Paterson University undergrad & MBA students.

Click on the pic or headline for the super-cool details.

Pic of the Week #2:

Your affable Professor Philp led the music biz part of a Songwriting Summer Camp for high school students this past week at William Paterson.  Behind each cranium is a sponge-like brain.  Think they got anything out of it?

Pic of the Week #3:

Our podcast interview with Joanne Kelsey, VP of Licensing & Administration for Razor & Tie, is awaiting your attention.  Click on the pic or headline, or go over to your Stitcher Radio mobile app and download this bad boy.

If you want to know anything – ANYTHING!! – at all about music publishing, from the basics to a little more advanced, click on this.  I learn something each time I hear it. $3.75 says you will too.


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Pic of the Week #4:

Recent grad Luke DeMuro performed at a Philadelphia Songwriters show last week. Can you spot him in the pic?

More Stuff To Check Out:

Inside Spotify’s Hunt For The Perfect Playlist

We’ve talked a lot about playlists here over the past six months and obviously we’re not done.  Read this article to understand how Spotify creates their in house playlists.  Why should you care?  Labels always need to break new artists.  How do millions discover new artists these days?  That’s right.  Playlists.  Click & read.

Comedy: Spotify Gets Dumped For Apple Music

Thanks to recent grad Joey Stefan (who just took a pretty cool gig with Viacom) for this link.  Watch the video.  It’s funny.

Publishing revenues are going down because of streaming and its relatively lighter payouts.  This is a way for HFA to survive.  There will be more consolidation over the next year or two.  This is the start.

Can SoundCloud Be The Facebook Of Music?

This is kind of a long read, but it’s a good one.  If you know nothing, or just a little, about SoundCloud, you should read this to figure out where they fit in the streaming/DIY ecosystem.  (Thanks to Aaron Van Duyne for the link!)

A Step By Step Guide To Great YouTube Videos For Musicians

This is a quick read, but a good one.  If you haven’t already, you’re going to make a video at some point.  Look this over and remember some of the tips so your videos are better than everyone else’s.

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7 Tips For Tweeting An Event

Major Labels License To Flipagram App

8 Reasons Why Singer/Songwriter Shows Are Boring

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