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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up 

Must Read of the Week #1:

Spotify’s Biggest Playlists & Artists of 2015 

It will be interesting to compare these lists to highest overall sales.  Give a click and see who the most streamed artist of the year was and more.

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Must Watch of the Week:

Eagles of Death Metal Discuss Terrorist Attacks 

This was the band that was performing in Paris when the attacks of three weeks ago took place. Watch this interview they did with Vice at the end of November.  They also discuss how they will honor those who lost their lives from the tragedy.  Scroll to 21 minutes in to see this interesting idea.

(Thanks to Caitlin Hanratti for this link.)

Pics of the Week:

This is the guitar of Jazz cat Logan Stambaugh. The pic was taken during rehearsal last week for Collage! 2015, a musical snapshot of the best of the best of the William Paterson University Music Department.  The big show was Friday night.  Did you go?

Sometimes, it really is all about that bass (drum).  Another Collage! 2015 rehearsal pic.

There were over 100 performers on stage for the Collage! 2015 grand finale, a new arrangement of Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be” by WP grad student Caleb Rumely. This version included Wind Ensemble, Jazz Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, two pianists, the Rather Be Singers, and direction by Music Dept. chair Dr. Diane Falk.

The dramatic lighting for “Rather Be” was also effective.

This is a terrible selfie.  Your Professor Philp tried to get a Thursday audience of 722 Paterson school kids into the same pic.  You can judge the blurred photo as either lame or artistic.  You decide.

Producer/DJ JP Makhlouf of Cash Cash visited William Paterson University on Thursday afternoon to talk about everything from mixing vocals to arranging EDM songs to how DJs make money (hint: not much comes from album or single sales).

JP stayed late and chatted with Pop students.  Those who photobombed their professor’s cool pics were expelled from the University and banished to a small galaxy far, far away.

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More Stuff To Check Out:

Ten Music Biz Predictions for 2016 

Click, read, and see how many of these you agree with (and how many you understand).

Facebook Starts Selling No Service Fee Concert Tickets 

Watch to see how big this space gets, with both Facebook and Pandora trying to make inroads into the ticketing business.  Will they be niche or go after Ticketmaster in a big way?
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Music Biz 2016 Tickets on Sale Now! 

Think about going to the music industry’s main convention of the year, Music Biz 2016.  In fact, William Paterson University’s Music Biz program will attend.  Buy tickets now and let’s hook up? We’ll interview folks for the radio show/podcast and bring a whole class of eager students.  Hit reply and ask for details!

More Stuff To Check Out Part II:


Adele’s Label Shipped 3.6 Million CDs to Stores… But How? 

This article is interesting because it’s not just about Adele.  It’s also a mini history lesson in music retailing.  Read this and you’ll understand that much more about the pipeline between manufacturing plant and consumer.

Women In Music: The 50 Most Powerful Executives In The Industry

Ladies – read this for inspiration.  Gentlemen – Same goes for you.  There are jobs in this article that you didn’t know existed.  Maybe you’ll work for one of these women one day soon.  This is a good homework assignment for you.

Ryan Seacrest: The Mogul Next Door

Speaking of powerful people in the music industry, there’s this guy, who’s much more than a talking head on TV.  The subtitle of the article says it all: “I don’t believe I’ve ever done anything on camera or a microphone without thinking about the next business play.”  Click.

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