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It’s your year end weekly music industry & social media wrap-up, handcrafted to give it that perfect Music Biz 101 flavor. Or is it?  Will we squeeze one more out before 12/31 strikes us in the fanny?  We’ll leave you hangin’ on that one.  

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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up

Must Read of the Week #1:

Don’t Cry For Spotify, Don’t Laugh At Pandora – And Watch Out For Tidal

This is a pretty good analysis of where Pandora, Spotify, and Tidal are at the end of 2015. Throw Apple Music into the article (they do) and you’ve got the perfect study guide of the major streaming services heading into 2016.  One missing service: YouTube.  Hmmm…

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Must Read of the Week #2:

Copyright Royalty Board Raises Pandora Streaming Rate by 20%

If you’re a recording artist or work for a label, this is pretty good news.  Pandora will pay more to SoundExchange in 2016 for the music they stream.  The news isn’t as good as some of those folks had hoped, but it’s still positive. Give a read and get up to speed with this important issue.

To get an easy understanding of what this is all about, click HERE.

For industry reaction, click HERE.


Pics of the Week:

It wasn’t a good year for rdio, a streaming service that couldn’t make it in the Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Rhapsody (yup, they’re still alive), streaming climate.  rdio went belly up last month and Pandora is their new mama.  What do you think this means for Pandora?

This is what college students around America were thinking last week.

Congrats to William Paterson University’s Bill Charlap, nominated for a Grammy last week for his album with Tony Bennett called “The Silver Lining: The Songs of Jerome Kern.”  Here he is warming up before a recent show at WPU.

Your Music Biz 101 & More radio show/podcast crew points out that Ticketmaster Entertainment’s Tom Hefter was last week’s last live guest until January 20. Not that future guests will be undead. It’s just that we’ll air repeats until mid-month in the new year.

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Year In Review:

11 Genius Music Marketing Campaigns of 2015 

Click and see what other artists did this year to gain attention and drive revenue.  Some of these are pretty smart.  Note how much of this was based on social media.

Year in review stuff is always so weird.  You look at something that happened six months ago and it feels like years.  Or it feels like yesterday.  Click to catch up with the recent past.

Top Music Biz 101 Post of 2015 – Women In Country Music: From 2000s To Today

Sarah Dinetz, who graduated last May with a degree in Popular Music Studies, wrote a capstone project about the struggle of female Country artists to make it on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Lots of people around the world looked for this topic, as it was our most clicked website post of 2015.  Congrats, Sarah!  A can of turtle wax is in the mail.

2016 Prediction: Apple Music Will Reach 20 Million Subscribers 

20 million subscribers would be a solid number.  It would be even better if this number didn’t eat into Spotify’s subscriber base but instead helped grow the overall subscription market.  So if Apple’s numbers grow and Spotify’s grow and you see growth from YouTube Red (anybody talking about that?) and Tidal, that’s good news for songwriters and artists (once recouped).

My prediction: If we read more about higher subscription numbers and artists still scream that they’re not getting paid, the calls for transparency will grow loud enough for politicians to start looking into this.  Nothing will come of that, but what congressman wouldn’t want a pic with Taylor Swift?
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Last But Not Least:

This isn’t just about Classical music.  This is a brief article about metadata, what it is, why it’s important to artists, writers, and labels, and what Apple and Spotify are doing to make it clear who wrote what – and who should get paid.

And finally…

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