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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up

Must Read(s) Of The Week:

Taylor Swift Thinks Spotify Is A ‘Corporate Machine’ – You Be The Judge

Our theme at the start of this email is whether our first two areas of focus are on angels or devils.  Great example: Spotify.  Are they the devil, paying out a pittance and making your favorite artist ever, Taylor Swift, mad?

Or is Spotify an angel, expanding the streaming market, paying more than YouTube, and being sensitive enough to criticism that it can improve itself as a company?

Click & read this interview with one of Spotify’s top dawgs.  Whether you feel the company is good or evil, you’ll have a better understanding of both sides once you’re done.

Must Read of the Week #2:

Money To Burn?  Allen Klein’s Rolling Stones Contracts

There’s a great book out now you should read called Allen Klein: The Man Who Bailed Out The Beatles, Made The Stones, And Transformed Rock & Roll.  I would counter that the title should have ended with …And Transformed The Rock & Roll Business, but only since Klein didn’t write, perform, or have anything to do with the art of Rock.  I have already digressed.

This book, and this article, are worth reading to better understand the music business mind.  Klein was brilliant in business.  But was he a devil as a human being?  You can read the book and develop your own opinion.

In the attached article, you can see a breakdown of Klein’s various deals with and for the Rolling Stones.  Some deals were great for he and the band.  But as you read, you’ll see how Klein may have been a little unfair to the band.  Or more than a “little.”  Click, read, and see if Allen Klein was an angel or a devil.

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Pic of the Week #1:

Your Professor Philp went to this famed NYC venue last week to see YouTuber Miranda Sings perform her music/comedy act.  The 2,000 girls in attendance thought it was the best night of their lives.

Pic of the Week #2:

The Miranda Sings machine makes money from more than YouTube.  Ticket sales, a new book, and lots of merch drive revenue.  Here you see autographed posters ($30 ea.), t-shirts ($50 ea.), bracelets ($20 ea.), and postcards ($10 ea.) at her merch booth.

Note how well lit each item is.

Pic of the Week #3:

If you follow MusicBiz101wp on Instagram, you saw this pic posted last week.  I found a high quality PolyGram Group Distribution catalog in my mother’s garage.  Click HERE or on the pic to read up on what happened to PolyGram and who its artists were.

Pic of the Week #4:

Taken from the same garage was a 24-year old new release catalog.  Believe me, this was the best part.  Not much on the inside.  That’s what August was – the month to dump new releases that a company doesn’t care about.


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 More Stuff To Check Out:

Where Clicks Reign, Audience Is King

This is a very good NY Times article about the stuff you see posted all over the web. How much of it is ‘click bait,’ just fluffy articles with grabby headlines, and how much of what we see is valuable, thought provoking content?  Does it matter?  Click and be king.

Spotify, Apple, And The Streaming Wars: 5 Things We’ve Learned

Whether it’s Apple or Tidal or Spotify, it seems streaming has won as the new format of choice for consumers.  What else do we know at this point?  Quick read for you, so click.

How Music Retail Earns Money In 2015

This article about Trans World Music is from May, but it’s a quick read that shows how a music retailer survives these days (hint: by earning 83% of their revenue by sources other than music).  Click and say out loud, “Oh.”

UTA Acquires The Agency Group

Why should you care?  Much artist revenue comes from live gigs, and to get the live gigs, you eventually need an agent.  Thus, you should know the agencies out there and how that business works.

This purchase is like when PolyGram bought A&M Records or when MCA bought Motown Records.  It’s a big deal (literally).

Who Really Owns Music? Exploring The Dizzying Spiral Of Rights And Payments

If you are foggy about the differences between publishers and record companies, what licensing is, what “low payments” from streaming is, and more, read this article.  Then read it again.  Read it a third time and pay attention that time.  This is your spinach for the week.  Click & eat it.

In Negotiations With Ben Affleck, No Appealing BATNA

What is BATNA?  Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement.  Huh?  In your life, you will negotiate more than you think, whether it’s who gets the bathroom first in the morning or how much songwriting credit your producer should (or should not) get.

This article is all about a guy who got to work with Ben Affleck and how promises and possibilities led to poor decisions, leaked emails, and embarrassment.  This will only take a few minutes.  Give it a go.

What Happens When Spotify Gets Behind An Artist?

Your email creator’s obsession with Spotify continues (or is it just that Spotify = streaming which = a big part of any young music biz student’s future?).  Read this case study of how Spotify helped break both Hosier and Major Lazer.  It’s a longer read but worth understanding.  Just click.

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‘Star Wars’ Themed Lands Coming To Disney Parks

Lions Gate Hires New Music Chief (yeah, movie studios have heads of music too)

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