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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up

Must Read(s) Of The Week:

Open The Music Industry’s Black Box

David Byrne seems to be coming around.  He’s the former leader of the Talking Heads and well known as a progressive thinker.  

While he’s bashed the internet in the past, stating it stifles all creativity, in this NY Times article, he makes good sense from an artist perspective about how the music industry needs more transparency (the cool buzz word of the year) when it comes to revenue streams.  

Read this and reply with whether you agree or disagree?  We may use your responses in a future blog post, so let us know if we can or can’t include your name.  

(Big thanks to my big brother, Enrique, for initially texting me this link.)

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Pic of the Week #1:

Doc Marcone and your Professor Philp broke break with 2-time Grammy winner Rob Fusari and his manager, Jayne (don’t forget the Y) DiGregorio last week.  Rob co-wrote and produced tunes for Lady Gaga, Destiny’s Child, Whitney Houston, and many more.

He wants to say hello to you.  We’re working on that.

Must Read of the Week #2:

When Giants Fall

This is a very long read.  But if you’re into how companies work and why some succeed massively before failing even worse, click on the link.  It’s very interesting and can easily fit into the entertainment industry (think of what Napster did to the major label groups).

Pic of the Week #2:

Ukuleles at a music store in Corning, NY.  Could a drummer ever learn how to play one?

Pic of the Week #3:

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 More Stuff To Check Out:

How To Ignore YouTube Completely: One Direction’s Radical Gamble

What would you do if your record company and manager told you they thought you should ignore YouTube with your new single?  Knowing YouTube is the #1 way that people discover music in the world, would you support this strategy?


Apparently, One Direction and their management did support the idea – and it’s working. Read this article to get a sense of how important YouTube is to the industry for artist exposure, yet how it doesn’t drive revenue the way Spotify does. Go on.  Click.

Money To Burn? A Tale of Two Artists And The Lure of France

What happens when two singer/songwriters are tempted to drop everything for an opportunity to record and grow in another country.  And they have to pay thousands of dollars to do it?  

Read all about this real-life situation and the advice industry experts gave.  Then let us know what you would do.

Help!  A Promoter Just Booted Us Off A Gig!

Another real life story.  Click to read and find out what this artist should and should NOT do going forward.  Do you think it has a happy ending?

Why BMG Bought The Rights To “Walking On Sunshine”

If you can hum the song and your under the age of 30, that’s why.  There’s still money in publishing and master recording rights, even today.  Click to see how much.  

Hunter Hayes Talks About The New Definition Of A Record

This 23-year old seems pretty sharp.  Read about his artistic “bravery” and how he’s thinking in a different way when it comes to releasing new music.

Music Artists Take On The Business, Calling For Change

If you read the David Byrne article above, this is a good companion piece. Artists are asking for a greater voice in how revenue streams, especially from streaming, are distributed.  But will anyone listen?

How One Company Makes Millions Selling Apps With No Marketing

This is a pretty cool story about a guy who failed and learned from his failures to create apps that people find in the Apple App Store organically.  Can you learn a lesson from this article so people can find your stuff?  Click.  This’ll only take you 3 1/2 minutes.

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Stolen Stradivarius Is Found After 35 Years

For Mobile Messaging, GIFs Prove To Be Worth At Least 1,000 Words

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