WPU Music Management Series "The Big Payback" author Dan Charnas

WPU Music Management Series "The Big Payback" author Dan Charnas

A discussion with author Dan Charnas about his book “The Big Payback,” which chronicles Hip-Hop’s increasing stature within the music business from 1968-2008 and its transformative effect on American culture. Charnas gives a slide presentation covering the history of Hip-Hop from a broadcast radio perspective, including the cultural context surrounding Hip-Hop’s formation and ascendency, which caused commercial broadcast radio to desegregate its operations.

WPU Music Management Series (Video): Dan Charnas “The Big Payback” Author

Additional discussion topics include:

  • Charnas’ entry into the music business and his early jobs;
  • pioneer artists of Hip-Hop;
  • Steve Leeds’ role in getting MTV to air Hip-Hop music videos;
  • how Hip-Hop helped Sprite to become a popular soda brand;
  • how Hip-Hop artists have leveraged their cultural influence to create successful tie-ins with clothing lines and drink beverages;
  • Gangsta Rap’s significance;
  • how to potentially achieve success as a Hip-Hop artist;
  • the prospects of Asian success in Hip-Hop;
  • Russell Simmons’ significance; and
  • Hip-Hop’s historical placement within late 20th and early 21st century American culture.

Hosted by SiriusXM’s Steve Leeds, the WPU Music Management Series features music biz luminaries from all genres and businesses within the industry.  The series runs each spring semester.

On to Dan Charnas:

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