WP Nashville 2016 students
Music Biz students, both undergrad and MBA, at the 2016 Nashville Music Biz convention.
WPU Music Biz Students
WPU Music In Social Media students, 2014.

WP Music Biz students are the best in the country.  Smart, talented, overachievers, dreamers, and doers, they come to William Paterson University from all over the world so they can learn to sing, play, create and succeed.  Want to know more about our students?  Simply scroll down below and read their stories.

If you find inspiration in these students and want to know more about the Music Biz programs at WPU, just click HERE.

Music Biz students at Warner Nashville 2016
Music Biz students with Atlantic Records Nashville A&R guru (almost all the way on the left) Steve Robertson, in 2016.
Music Biz students at Curb Studios Nashville, 2016
Music Biz students at Curb Studio in Nashville with Curb’s John Butler (almost all the way on the left) in May, 2016.
Popular Music Studies Students 2015
Pop students who think they’re humorous, May, 2015.
WPU Modern Entertainment Company class 2016
Modern Entertainment Company class students before a gig they booked, produced, and performed at in April, 2016 at NYC’s The Cutting Room with Grammy Award winner Rob Fusari.
WP Popular Music Studies students
More Pop students. They seem pleasant enough.
WP Music Biz students waiting for LA Reid
Music Biz students waiting for LA Reid to speak, February, 2016.
Mike Easterlin at William Paterson University
Music Biz students with Mike Easterlin, president of Fueled By Ramen and Roadrunner Records, spring 2016.
Music Biz 101 & More Live
Music Biz students in the rear, with professors Marcone & Philp, at the October, 2015 panel run by MEO, the student-run Music & Entertainment Organization. The panel featured folks from Alternative Press Magazine (Josh Bernstein), Atlantic Records (Paul Sinclair), Writing/Producing (Rob Fusari), Memory Lane Publishing (Joanne Kelsey), and music business law (Karl Guthrie). 
MEO 2016-2016
The 2015-2016 MEO group.
Top Music Business Schools

Before a smattering of student profiles, how about a smattering of the work these guys have put in.  You’re going to be impressed.

WP Music Biz Student Work



A WP Music Biz Student Spotify Playlist

WP Music Biz Student Profiles

Kari Keller – MBA in Music Management Candidate 

Kari Keller

My name is Kari Keller and I am an MBA Music Management student here at WP. I graduated in 2013 from Albright College in Reading, PA with a BS in business administration: marketing and music business. Originally from Seattle, WA, I’m a West Coast heart building up some East Coast flair and satisfying my wanderlust. I am excited to graduate at the end of this semester in 2015 and am so thankful to have had so many huge opportunities here! Since coming to WP, I have interned at Madison Square Garden and Live Nation and have volunteered at the New Music Seminar. Currently, I’m a Touring & Events intern at Columbia Records.

I’m at LinkedIn HERE.


 Meagan Johnson – MBA in Music Management Candidate

Meagan Johnson

Meagan Johnson is an MBA Music Management major. Originally from River Edge, New Jersey with a short stint in Tempe, Arizona, she is now pursuing her dream of being part of the NYC music biz. Meagan is currently interning in Creative Sync Licensing and Administrative Publishing in the hopes of one day becoming a music supervisor. When she is not running to catch a train, doing homework, or learning about the inner workings of the music business, she is playing the piano, at a show, training for a race, making a mess, or eating (mostly eating). Her passion for music has brought her here in hopes of being part of the most complex, adventurous, and exciting businesses in the world!

Enki Bello

Enki Bello is a Colombian Harpist, singer-songwriter, and record producer, who began in the music scene of Colombia in 1999. Born and raised in Bogota, Enki Bello began performing in middle school, demonstrating her incredible ability with Colombian, Folk, Latin American, and International music.

 She has opened for important artists such as: Grammy-Award winner “Cissy Houston” (Whitney Houston’s Mom); Grammy Award Winner “Cholo Valderrama”, Grammy Award Nominated “Binomio de Oro” and has shared stage with International Salsa Group “Sonora Dinamita”; Mexican Harpist “Delfino Guerrero”, among others.
WPU Music Biz Student Enki Bellow

Enki first formally studied harp at the music school “Academia Llano y Joropo”, beginning her professional career as a harp-solo-player with the Master Hildo Ariel Aguirre. In 2008 she recorded her first album with the band “Arpas de Colombia”. After signing with the independent record label Filmaster Records, in 2010 she released her first solo album “The Magic of the Harp”. Enki has appeared on numerous radio and TV interviews to promote her music, which has received widespread support and critical acclaim. 

Her unique playing style and dedicated musicianship has helped Enki achieve great success in folk music contests and spurn performances across the United States and Latin America. A recent graduate of Bergen Community College, she recently began her studies in Music Management and Commercial Popular Music at William Paterson University.

Bianca Russo
WPU Music Biz Student Bianca Russo

My name is Bianca Russo and I’m from Belleville, New Jersey. I am a Media Production Major and double minor in Music Management and Public Relations. After graduating William Paterson University, my plan is to work in the entertainment industry. My music-entertainment career goal is to eventually work either on making music videos for artists or live production for concerts.


Sierra Binondo

WPU Music Biz Student Sierra BinondoMy name is Sierra Binondo. I’m from Brick, NJ and I’m a Junior Pop Music Studies major.  I’ll be graduating William Paterson in May 2015.  I mainly sing, but I also play guitar and keyboard.  The ultimate goal, for me, is to be in a successful band and tour a lot.  To be completely honest, I am not sure what aspect of the Music Industry I would really want to work in, but I’m leaning towards the Social Media and the Marketing aspect.  For now I plan on learning as much as I can and then figuring things out down the line.


WPU Music Biz Student Caitlin ParisoCaitlin Pariso

My name is Caitlin Pariso and I’m from Old Bridge, New Jersey.   My major is Business Marketing, but I have two minors in Psychology and Music Management.  I plan on graduating next spring (2015).  I know that I want to work in the music entertainment business industry, but I’m unsure where or what position I would like to get at the moment.  I’m leaning towards becoming a publicist for up and coming artists but am still unsure.




Music in Social Media II students (and their tattoos).
Music in Social Media II students (and their tattoos).


WPU Music Biz Student Ajee WalkerAjee Walker

What’s your name? My name is Ajee Walker… prefer Aj Vann

What’s your hometown? Newark, NJ

What’s your major? My major is currently Management however I am a transfer student and my initial aim was for Music management but I will try next semester.

What are your music/entertainment biz career goals? My goal is to first become a music management major, get involved with a lot of internships to build up my resume 

then once I get my degree I would like to have a career as a concert promoter or tour manager. When do you plan on graduating? I plan on graduating May 2016.

WPU Music Biz Student Shawn Clark

Shawn Clark

Name- Shawn Clark

Major- Business Management Home town- East Brunswick NJ

Minor – Music Management

Plan On Graduating – Spring, 2015

Career Goals – Owning/Operating a Venue




WPU Music Biz Student Michael GrecoMichael Greco

My name is Michael Greco, I’ve lived in Wayne all my life and am currently majoring in business management with a minor in music management. I plan on graduating by spring 2015. My goal is to eventually gain a management position in the music industry. I’ve played guitar for about 5 years now and have been through live performances, belting out guitar solos on stage, spending hours fooling around with programs like Ableton and Logic Pro and have had the most fun with anything related to music throughout most of my life. Music is my passion and that’s what I want my careers main focus to be around.



Samir Esguquiza

WPU Music Biz Student Samir EgusquizaName: Samir Egusquiza
Hometown: Wayne, NJ
Major: Sound Engineering Arts
Plan to graduate: Spring 2015
Mus/Ent career goals: Thoroughly undecided, definitely within recording industry.






Melanie Gomez

WPU Music Biz Student Melanie GomezMy name is Melanie Gomez and I’m from Wallington New Jersey.  My major is Print Journalism and my minor is Music Management.  I plan on hopefully graduating by 2016.  One of my music/entertainment biz career goals is to be a good writer for subjects such as writing album reviews in magazines.  Another goal would be to be the photographer for certain shows or events in my area when needed.



Hootenanny at WPU
A Hootenanny put on by Pop Students, Spring 2015.

Dan Barrecchia

Bonjour, my name is Dan Barrecchia. Let me tell you a little about myself.  I was born in the heart of Paterson, St. Joe’s, and when I came out of the womb, my mother said she heard gun shots and ambulances just outside of the hospital. I also had little mucus covered wings with full grown feathers, but the doctors removed them due to a strict “No Bird-Men” regulation that President Clinton had enforced upon the country (we all remember that one).

WPU Music Biz Student Dan BarrecchiaAnyway, I ended up growing up in Jefferson, just about 40 minutes away from the fine establishment we all know and love that is William Paterson University.

I am currently majoring in Global Business and minoring in Music Management, all at the age of 19. Yes, I know, studying for a major AND a minor all before the age of 20 is out of this world, but hey, prodigies have to exist somewhere.

Anyway, I play guitar and would love to tour for a couple years before I settle down, but in the long run, I hope to work in the creative department of a label or maybe start up my own music purchasing site or application that revolves around getting the artist as much money as they deserve. Or maybe own a label. I have no clue yet though, I am just taking it one step at a time.

And this concludes my ever so dapper anecdote.

WPU Music Biz Student Amanda FemiaAmanda Femia

Amanda Femia is a singer, songwriter, and all-around music enthusiast from Clifton, New Jersey.  She is a Popular Music Studies major at William Paterson University and hopes to graduate in Spring 2015.  After she receives her degree, Amanda hopes to live in New York City, where her goal is to build a successful career as a tour manager for bands and artists in the rock and industrial music scenes.




WPU Music Biz Student Jesse KurtzJesse Kurtz

Little Ferry, NJ

Major: Public Relations

Minor: Music Management

Expected graduation: Fall 2015

Goal: To work in the industry either as a tour manager, promoter, agent, or working at venues putting together concerts

Mike Wieczenski

Hometown: Harrison, NJ

Major: Popular Music Studies

When do I plan on graduating: 2015

What are my career goals:

  • Be a songwriter
  • Perform Music
  • Teach music to others
  • Succeed in the business of music

WPU Music Biz Student Jenni SarikasJenni Sarikas

Hi! My name is Jenni Sarikas. I am a Junior in the Popular Music Studies Program, and I am minoring in Criminal Justice/Criminology. I will be graduating in May 2015. I am from Bellmore, New York which is on Long Island.

My ultimate goal in the music industry is to work in music licensing and publishing. I also plan on continuing to write music on the side. Check me out at:




WPU Music Biz Student Kalee MurrinKalee Murrin

My name is Kalee Murrin. I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and relocated to New Jersey to attend college. My major is Media Studies and my minor is Music Management. I plan on graduating in May 2015. I am not really sure what type of work I would like to pursue in the music industry, but I am considering being an artist/tour manager or working at a record label.


WP Music Biz students on a road trip to Soul Search Records.
WP Music Biz students on a road trip to Soul Search Records.

Sara Lindsay

My name is Sara Lindsay (cool… 2 first names!!) (actually 3 because my middle name is Elizabeth)

I’m from Wantage NJ. We don’t have a post office because I live in a rural place that hasn’t figured out we’re not the deep South and probably sound stupid when we say “y’all”, so we are sometimes called Sussex (as in Sussex Borough which is a huge insult!!). I live on a chicken farm with several acres that my Dad fails at farming because the fields are mostly igneous rock (thanks to that stupid dormant volcano down the road). I also have three cats that make sure the bunny population stays down because the bunnies scare the horses next door and the horses and my cats are buds.

I just switched from music education to music management. (You thought I was going to put some little comment in there didn’t you!)

I will hopefully graduate in the spring of 2015. I only have to complete a different major in three semesters and complete three internships. Challenge accepted!

My main goal is to work on film scores. My older sister just graduated from William Paterson with a degree in media production (making movies). We’ve been making movies as long as I’ve been playing flute. We enter film festivals all the time and win enough that it’s encouraging. She plans on becoming Tim Burton and I plan on becoming Danny Elfman but female and blonde. After I become debt free in a few years (because somehow state schools are still too expensive for middle class people who worked hard enough to get several scholarships) I plan to go to the Seattle Film Institute for their graduate program in film scoring.

WPU Music Biz Student Ryan SinisiRyan Sinisi

Hometown: Secaucus NJ

Major: Pop Music Studies

Plan on Graduating: 2015

I am in a weird WTF stage of my life. I have a love for art, a passion for music, a knack for ideas, and a job that involves none of them. I write and produce my own music at home. Guitar is my live instrument, but in my DAW I am EVERYTHING. 🙂 I also dabble in web design, video editing, and photography. I live in the “imagisphere” where ideas and imagination intertwine awaiting a chance in the real world. In other worlds, I create. 

Pre-WPU I did the whole get in a van and leave home for weeks at a time thing. I’ve played alongside some of my favorite bands and took the stage of my favorite music festivals. Music has taken me on one hell of a ride and introduced me to some amazing people. I love music by itself, but I truly embrace the entire world that comes along with it.

Since I started at WPU, I have been working on my most challenging creation yet, myself. My goal is to be as diverse as possible with everything that involves the process of bringing ideas to life. You have the present, and you have the vision. I want to work in between the two.

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