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In no particular order these are my Top songs of all time. These were some of the greatest artists/bands that ever walked on this planet. Their styles may be different but one thing they share in common is that they are all Timeless. Timeless meaning the message in their songs will transcend time, be relevant and live on forever. There are so many too numerous to mention that did not make this list. They are just as amazing.  I would be doing this project for months if I had to mention all of them.

WPU Music Biz Student: Zach Matari’s Spotify Playlist


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Stevie Wonder

“My Cheri Amor”

This is one of the very first Stevie Wonder songs my dad ever sang to me. When he played it for me I instantly fell in love with it. You can hear his pain in the song. My body was covered in goose bumps. He was longing for the girl of his dreams but she never acknowledges his existence. So much emotion in one song should be illegal.

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Marvin Gaye

“What’s Goin On”

This song was so unique in that it was the song of its generation. “What’s Goin On” was about the Vietnam war and the overall state of America at the time. “Mother, Mother; they’re far too many of you crying. Brother, Brother, Brother; there are far too many of you dying”. These words spoke out to the harsh realities of war, something superstars like Marvin Gaye never spoke out about.

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Michael Jackson

“Man In The Mirror”

“Man In The Mirror” was one of “The King Of Pop’s” greatest songs he has ever sang. This song talks about looking at your reflection and wanting to change what you see. Change for the better. This song is one of my favorites because I think this is so relevant and relatable to so many people yet this song and its message is a one of a kind.

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James Brown

“I Feel Good”

James Brown, “The God Father Of Soul”.  I was first introduced to James Brown when I went to my dads store as a little boy around 7 years old. He bought this James Brown singing toy. You would press the button and the doll would be singing this song. The mouth would move to make it look like he was singing and the rest of the doll would shake to make it look like he was dancing. I just remember constantly pressing the button to hear him sing, so much so it was constantly running out of batteries.

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Elvis Presley

“Love Me Tender”

This song was one of the reason girls went crazy for “The King of Rock n’ Roll”. His unique style combined with his raw emotion really sold this song. It is one of many timeless records that were done by Elvis. He is simply saying “Love Me Tender”.

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Bee Gees

“Stayin’ Alive/How Deep Is Your Love”

I always used to hear Stayin Alive, this song and thought it was a girl singing. One of the best opening lines ever written, “Well you can tell by the way I use my walk I’m a woman’s man”.  This song made me feel like I was the man every time I listened to it. They had a sound of their own; you knew it was a Bee Gees song when it came on. I loved to listen to this song because the beat and the music made me want to move, it made me feel good. These guys helped me find my funkier side. Another great song by the Bee Gees is “How Deep is your Love”. This is just a beautiful record. Barry Gibb poses the question, how much do you really love me. I couldn’t choose between these two songs by the Bee Gees because they both have influenced my music and my life in different ways.

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Tom Jones

“It’s Not Unusual”

No one said it better than Tom Jones in his smash, “Its Not Unusual”. He is simply stating that people have fun and people see other people and it’s not unusual to wonder what it would be like.  When that song came out, it was very relatable yet it was a topic that not many addressed.

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John Legend

“Save Room”

Although this is a newer record this song definitely without a doubt in my mind will survive for years to come. Not many songs can give me chills every time I listen to it, but this is one of them. In this song John Legend is talking to a girl and is basically saying “saving room in your heart for me”. Say that you’ll stay a little, don’t say bye bye tonight. Between the feel good sounds and his clever lyrics this song will stand the test of time.


Led Zeppelin

“Dazed and Confused”

I remember hearing this song and I just remember never hearing a song that sounded so dark and satanic. When I realized what Robert Plant was singing about, I instantly fell in love. He was talking about this woman who had him messed up, “Dazed and Confused”. She had him believe that the soul of a woman was created in hell. I vividly remember practicing this song everyday until I could hit notes like Robert Plant and notes higher than I could imagine. It was that moment I knew I wanted to sing for the rest of my life.

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Ray Charles

“Georgia On My Mind”

I remember singing this song before I even heard it. I would be in the car with my dad and he would sing it to me like Ray Charles would. He would tell me to sing it with a southern like accent and pretend to be a man with a speech impediment and I loved it. He eventually played me the song and it was like my dad was singing on the record. I thought Ray Charles stole my dad’s song.

These are just a couple other of my favorite Timeless songs that are on my Spotify playlist:

By: Zach Matari

Class of 2016

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