WPU Music Biz Student Sarah Dinetz Research: Harry Connick, Jr.

When it comes to modern day jazz music, only one artist should come to mind: Harry Connick, Jr. Amongst a generation full of autotune and vulgar lyrics, Connick’s smooth, soulful voice is something truly special.

Raised in New Orleans, Harry Connick, Jr. was immersed in jazz music from a young age, and that shows in his delivery and performance. Over the span of his career, he has amassed three Grammys and sold over 28 million albums worldwide. But that’s not all… Connick is also a talented actor who has earned two Emmys, and his most recent gig is being a judge on the hit TV show, American Idol. In the past, Connick’s main source of revenue was album sales, movie sales, and touring, and his current main source is American Idol.

His biggest failure, in the eyes of many, was the tour he went on in 1994, during which he primarily sang funk music. His fans were expecting jazz music, and he learned from that experience to stick to what he does best. He transitions back and forth between music and acting based on what opportunities come his way, a strategic move on his part.

Connick currently has over 220,000 followers on Twitter and 600,000 likes on Facebook, while using those pages to promote his music and connect with fans. Throughout the past twenty years, Connick has proven himself to be a hardworking, talented, and passionate individual, who does amazing in whatever route he decides to pursue.

Photo courtesy of Harry Connick, Jr. Official Website


Harry Connick, Jr. Official Website

Harry Connick, Jr. Official Facebook Page

Harry Connick, Jr. Official Twitter Page

Wikipedia- Harry Connick, Jr.

By Sarah Dinetz


Class of 2015

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