WP Success Story: Nicky Costabile
WP Success Story: Nicky Costabile
Nicky Costabile – WP Music Biz Success Story

Nicky Costabile, a WP Popular Music Studies major, has officially gone viral.  Rather than rewrite an article from BuzzFeed, I suggest you go THERE and read it.  Then, look below at her video on YouTube, which has over 205,000 views as of this reading.

She’s got a nice voice, doesn’t she?  Share her video and, if you feel a little jealous, figure out how you can get better as a musician/singer/music biz person.  You understand that there’s an element of luck to this, right?  If you wake up tomorrow and say, “I’m a-gonna make a video today and it’s a-gonna get 200,000+ views on YouTube in a week,” you realize that probably won’t happen, right?  In the words of Nicky, “Just uploaded for fun!  Didn’t expect this to happen!!”

In the end, you need talent, a unique idea, and a lot of good fortune to go viral these days.  And if you read music industry critic Bob Lefsetz, he believes 200,000 views is nothing.  When it reaches 2-million, maybe that gets people a little interested.

Nicky – Feel great about your accomplishment.  This is awesome.  Let’s hope you inspire others (and yourself) to be even greater.

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