I’ve been wondering how to approach this subject here with any sort of unique perspective.  Each day, we are hearing new allegations of sexual misconduct by politicians, business leaders, actors, and musicians.  This topic won’t go away anytime soon as more people feel emboldened to speak out.  But have any readers been saddened when someone they admired was suddenly hit with allegations?  If not, suppose your favorite personality (actor/actress, singer, etc.) was accused of this behavior.  How would you feel?  

What Happens When Your Favorite Artist Is Accused Of Sexual Misconduct?

We recently published THIS POST by a fan of Melanie Martinez.  If you’ve never heard her music, here’s one of her tunes (note it has over 113 million views on YouTube):

The post’s writer, Lea Bourinaris, wrote it before THIS CAME OUT about Ms. Martinez.  If you didn’t click on the link, the short story is that Ms. Martinez has been accused by a former friend of rape. 

After the news came out, Lea (and a follower on Twitter) suggested  that we take the post down.  But if we paired the post with how Lea felt, maybe that would be more interesting than simply removing it and pretending it didn’t happen (irony, with this particular subject).  Lea thought about his and wrote her feelings below:

I understand the mixed emotions surrounding Melanie Martinez at this time. I still have trouble understanding the whole situation myself and find it hard to find the words of how I am feeling about it. The whole thing just shocks me and makes me feel very uncomfortable. I would say that it would be best not to write a new post as of right now regarding this news story/artist. Twitter has been blowing up for days because of mixed emotions from fans and I don’t want to spark any more issues.

I’m so disappointed in this artist. I’ll continue to love her music of course and I won’t go burning all her merchandise (like some fans are doing and documenting on Twitter). Although, it just makes it very hard to like her as a person. 

Has one of your favorites been accused and or admitted to crossing the line sexually with someone else?  How did this news affect your feelings about that person?  Share with us in the comments below.


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