There’s a lot going on.  Are you keeping up?  You should, because it ain’t gonna stop.  Here is your weekly music/entertainment industry social media wrap-up.  Read.  Click.  You’ll be better because of it.

Must Read of the Week I:

Album Sales Hit All-Time Low

Uh oh.  But you knew this was coming, right?  Scroll down a bit to see more news about streaming trends among young folks and in Mexito.

Must Read of the Week Dos (That’s Spanish for “deux”):

Millennials And Their Love Of Music

A “Millennial” is somebody born between 1980 – 1996.  Most of the people reading this fall into that age range.  Read and see what music means to this demographic.

Must Listen of the Week:

On NFL’s Opening Day, Fans Find A Tale Of Two Leagues

We did this last week, including a sports item into our fantastic letter of news.  Sports, in this case the NFL, is entertainment.  It’s just like music, only a bigger industry (note that movies, video games, and TV are all bigger entertainment “industries” than music).  Listen to this 3-minute discussion about the NFL’s new business-season (they play games, too) and the hurdles the game is experiencing.  Substitute the word “music” every time you hear “football” and you’ll get where I’m coming from.

Must Listen of the Week Too (I mean “the Second One”)

Sharp-Tongued Comedian Joan Rivers Dies At 81

“Hey,” you’re shouting at the delivering device of this electronic mail, “what’s this got to do with me?”  Everything.  Just listen.  This report is only 1:20 long and it explains why Joan Rivers was different, not just different enough to break barriers for women in entertainment, but different enough to last since the mid-1960s.  Click and turn your ears on.

Announcement of the Week, Part I:

Music Biz 101 & More Theme Song Contest – ENTER AWAY!

You’re always screaming, “How do I want to get my music on the radio?!?  I want it on the radio!!  I want an Oompa Loompa now!”

Stop screaming, because here’s a chance to get your music on WPSC – Brave New Radio, guaranteed for at least a year!!!  Click on the pic or the link and you’ll find out how to enter your original song as the official theme song of the Music Biz 101 & More radio show.  Go on.  Click.  (Oompa Loompa not included.)

Announcement of the Week Part Deux (that means “dos”):

Did you know our (meaning yours & my) Music Biz 101 & More radio show is the only FREE advice music business talk show in the United States?  Yup, ’tis.  Start tuning your radio dials to 88.7 FM at 8pm this WEDNESDAY night.  Or stream it liveHERE.  Our guests will be Sean Gilday & Rachel Hill, two WP grads, from Blue Raven Entertainment. If you’re into playing live or the concert biz, don’t miss this one!

Tweet us questions now: @MusicBiz101wp

Call into the show: 973-720-2738

Pic of the Week:

Here’s your Music Biz 101 & More radio show crew with guest WP Performing Arts Executive Director Jane Stein (center) and student-guest host Kari Keller (right).  Producer Phillip Gorokhovsky (far left) stands next to Doc Marcone.  Philp is in the bullseye.  Ready.  Aim.  Fire.

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More Stuff To Check Out:

Lawyer Up: Deadmau5 Preparing For Legal Battle With Disney

Interested in how trademark infringement works?  This is a good one.

Young People More Likely To Turn To YouTube For Music Than Spotify Or SoundCloud

Which do you use?  Do you still listen to terrestrial (over-the-air) radio?  Do you agree with these findings?  Thanks to my man Aaron Van Duyne for pointing me to this link.

Now You Know Everything About Music Managers

No you don’t, but this certainly helps.  Dr. Marcone’s Managing Your Band is still the bible for wannabe artist managers.  Want to jump into the music biz?  Read this and buy Marcone’s book.

Mexico Is Undergoing A Streaming Music Revolution

You must always remember, the music biz isn’t just something that happens in Los Estados Unidos.  Keep in mind what’s going on around the world.  Maybe there are opportunities for you.

Atlantic Records’ Paul Sinclair Named Visiting Resident Expert – WP Music Biz Department

If you heard Sinclair on the Music Biz 101 & More radio show (listen HERE) last semester, you know he’s the real thing.  Click & read this information about the man & what he’s done, then start to think how this announcement may be able to help you.

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