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Here’s your weekly music & entertainment industry wrap-up.  We don’t cover celebrity couples.  No, man.  We’re hardcore when it comes to the music business and the entertainment biz.  Come back every week to find out what you wanna find out.  Or click HERE to sign up for our weekly newsletter.  Still, what is up with Kim & Kanye?  Enquiring minds want to know.

Must Read of the Week I:

Manufacturing ‘Amazing’: How MTV Star Dyrdek Reveals How Brands Can Become ‘Irresistibly Shareable’

Rob Dyrdek has grown from skateboarder to serial entrepreneur and MTV/pop culture personality.  How has he stayed relevant for coming on two decades and what can you learn from his creative mind?  Read this and instantly grow three inches taller.  Big shout-out to MBA in Music Management candidate Kari Keller for the link!

Must Listen of the Week:

Artists Want A Cut From Auction Mega-Sales

You’ll see below an article about a LARGE copyright decision last week in California.  Here’s something you should listen to.  When painters sell their work for $20, they’ll take it.  When that same piece of art goes for $1.3 million at an auction house 30 years later, should the creator, who no longer owns the art, get a piece of that profit?  That’s what this clip is about.  Listen and substitute “album” or “song” or anything you create.  Then let your brain figure this one out.

Must Listen of the Week Dos (That Mean Deux):

Backing Tracks: Why Live Music Won’t Be Live For Long

Ever see a live show and hear more music behind the band than the band (or solo artist) could possibly be playing?  That’s what this is about: the morality of backing tracks for live performance.  Is it acceptable?  Are we being snotty when we criticize the practice?  Big Thanks to Doc Marcone for passing this along.  It’s a fun long-listen.

Big Announcement of the Week:

Billboard Magazine Ranks WP Music Business Program Among The Nation’s Best

How cool is this?  And you know what?  The program is going to get even better.  Stick around.  Tell some friends.  We’re making something great here with one goal: To make YOU great.  Are you up for that?

Another Announcement of the Week:

Our big & awesome guest on this week’s Music Biz 101 & More radio show (the only FREE advice music business talk show in the United States) is Dave Lory, one of the few executives to have worked in every major genre of popular music including rock, pop, country, folk, classical, jazz, hip-hop and R&B. His resume includes being a musician, chairman to artist management firms, heading international operations at a major record label, starting up one of the most successful independent record companies, producing memorable live events, and coordinating and managing large-scale international tours.  Don’t lose out!  Listen.

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Pic of the Week:

Take a look at Professor Philp’s Music in Social Media I class.  This, my friends, is the future of music!

Pic of the Week Dos:

Walk into the WP Music Department and you will be instantly surrounded by talent.

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More Stuff To Check Out:

SiriusXM Suffers Crushing Loss In High-Stakes Courtroom Battle

Six Key Takeaways From This Week’s Massive Copyright Decision

Big news may have taken place this week in a California courtroom that may affect you and lots of artists and even more shareholders in the future.  Or not.  You should get familiar with this, because if you write songs, copyright law should be your best friend.  But sometimes it isn’t.  Here’s a complicated issue that is not completely over.  Unless it is.  Huh?  (That’s the complication.)  Click & read.

How Fiverr’s Founders Are Creating An Online Marketplace

If you’ve never heard of, now you have.  Go there, see what they can do (like creating a logo), and then spend 5 bucks.  It’s that inexpensive and that simple.  How did these guys put their idea together?  Is there an equivalent that you could create on your own in the entertainment world?

The Best Ways To Approach Record Labels

There’s nothing new in here you probably haven’t heard before (#1 – Be Polite), but it can’t hurt to give you a reminder.

How To Sell 8-Million Records And Not Make Any Money

Have you heard of the Brit artist La Roux?  Me either.  But she’s sold a lot of music and not made money the old fashioned way, through those sales.  Click to read her comments.  Within the article, you can also click to see comments she made about her unhappiness with Polydor, her label.

A Contest That Gets You On The Radio!!

You want to get your music on college radio?  Here’s your chance!  The winner of our awesome Theme Song Contest now not only gets an in-studio guest appearance on the Music Biz 101 & More Radio Show, you also get a 15-minute block of interview time and YOUR music played on 88.7 WPSC during Phillip Gorokhovsky’s 7 PM show on January 14th.

In addition, WPSC: Brave New Radio will also pick YOUR BEST ORIGINAL SONG and put that song into their rotation for a month.  Here’s a way to get your music on WPSC.  The only way to win is to enter.  So do it!

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