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Here’s your weekly music & entertainment industry wrap-up.  We don’t cover celebrity couples.  No, man.  We’re hardcore when it comes to the music business and the entertainment biz.  Come back every week to find out what you wanna find out.  Or click HERE to sign up for our weekly newsletter.

Must Read of the Week I:

Labor War Over, Met’s Operatic Army Mobilizes

The Metropolitan Opera struggled through a spring and summer of labor negotiations.  That’s all over now and a new season is just about underway.  How do they prepare so much stuff for so many shows?  Great article with cool pictures and a companion video that you’ll enjoy or your money back.

Must Read of the Week Dos (That’s Spanish for “deux”):

Who Still Buys Music In 2014?

This is a great infographic you should glance it.  You’ll learn something.  For example, did you know women buy more CDs today than men?  Did you know that in 2014 women buy more music downloads than men?  Click if you want, or just scroll up a wee bit.

Must Listen of the Week:

Nonesuch At 50: A Record Label Without Borders

Interested in starting up your own label?  Listen to this cool story about how Nonesuch started up and has survived for 50 years releasing everything other than pop hits.

Must Listen of the Week Dos (That Mean Deux):

Controversial Mexican Musician Temporarily Retires From Drug Ballads

Ever heard of “Narco Culture”?  Northern Mexico is rampant with drug cartels.  A musician named El Komander has made a career singing about the cartels and the culture.  Now, he’s retiring.  Listen to a brief history of this music and ask yourself if this has ever happened in America.

Big Announcement of the Week:

A Contest That Gets You On The Radio!!

You want to get your music on college radio?  Here’s your chance!  The winner of our awesome Theme Song Contest now not only gets an in-studio guest appearance on the Music Biz 101 & More Radio Show, you also get a 15-minute block of interview time and YOUR music played on 88.7 WPSC during Phillip Gorokhovsky’s 7 PM show on January 14th.

In addition, WPSC: Brave New Radio will also pick YOUR BEST ORIGINAL SONGand put that song into their rotation for a month.  Here’s a way to get your music on WPSC.  The only way to win is to enter.  So do it!

Another Announcement of the Week:

Our big & awesome guest on this week’s Music Biz 101 & More radio show (the only FREE advice music business talk show in the United States) is Steve Corbin, the VP Category & Content Development at WEA (Warner/Electra/Atlantic.  What kind of content are labels putting out besides singles & albums?  How does his job relate to sales of music?

Tune your radio dials to 88.7 FM at 8pm this WEDNESDAY night to find out.  Or stream it live HERE.

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Pic of the Week:

I saw this cymbal in a Shea hallway.  Did you?

Pic of the Week Dos:

These are four freshman Jazz majors who are somewhat awesome.  You’re looking at Grady on sax, Justin on guitar, Phil on drums and Seth on bass.  When you see them, tell ’em I said hello.

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More Stuff To Check Out:

The Future of Television Is…Your Phone

Major networks are apparently embracing making their content available for streaming onto your phones through more than Netflix, Hulu and their respective websites.  And cable providers are open to it now as well.  What does this major attitude shift mean for you?

The Grand Ole Opry Gets Hip To Hashtags To Harvest A New Audience Online

How has 90-year old Country icon the Grand Ole Opry stayed relevant with today’s social media?  Check out their strategies and the lessons they’ve learned.

Clear Channel Renames Itself iHeartMedia in Nod to Digital

Want to know what’s happening in the world of radio?  Between traditional terrestrial (over-the-air) radio and online radio, that biz is evolving just like TV.  Read this to get a good bearing on where it’s going and how you may be able to fit in.

Hollywood’s Old-Time Star Makers Are Moving In On YouTube’s Party

Did you know some YouTube content creators are making up to $1 million per year?  Because of this potential gold mine of talent, agents, managers and publicists are swarming.  Read this to figure out what’s going on and how it may one day affect you.  (Thanks to Davonna Approvato for the link!)

CD-Loving Japan Resists Move To Online Music

Did you know that CDs still account for 85% of recorded music sales in Japan?  Record execs do, and they’re getting worried.  What will happen when the inevitable decline takes place?  Read and see if you can solve the upcoming problem.

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