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There’s a lot going on.  Are you keeping up?  You should, because it ain’t gonna stop.  Here is your weekly music/entertainment industry social media wrap-up.  Read.  Click.  You’ll be better because of it.

Must Read of the Week I:

In Montclair, A Light In The Underground DIY Music Scene

Have you been to The Batcave in Montclair, NJ?  It’s actually the basement of a house where shows go on.  Maybe you’ve played there, or are going to play there.  The coolest part of this?  You can turn any space into a space for music.  The one hole in this article: Are the folks booking the gigs making any money?  If you know, hit reply.  If you don’t, we may have to do some research on that one.

Must Read of the Week Dos (That’s Spanish for “deux”):

U2 Enters Beyonce Territory With iTunes And Loses (So Far)

U2′s new exclusive iTunes release reminds us of Beyonce’s last exclusive iTunes release. Whose strategy was praised more? And whose strategy will ultimately prove more successful? Click to weigh in with your opinion.

Must Listen of the Week:

The Lush Twang Of Debro-Times-Three In ‘Three Bells’

You probably don’t play a dobro but you’ve probably heard what it sounds like.  It is not as odd as a didgeridoo; in fact, it’s fairly common in Country music.  Give a listen and see if all you ukulele fiends want to give this a try too.

Big Announcement of the Week:

Music Biz 101 & More Theme Song Contest – ENTER AWAY!

You want to get your music on college radio?  Here’s your chance!  The winner of our awesome Theme Song Contest now not only gets an in-studio guest appearance on the Music Biz 101 & More Radio Show, you also get a 15-minute block of interview time and YOUR music played on 88.7 WPSC during Phillip Gorokhovsky’s 7 PM show on January 14th.

In addition, WPSC: Brave New Radio will also pick YOUR BEST ORIGINAL SONGand put that song into their rotation for a month.  Here’s a way to get your music on WPSC.  The only way to win is to enter.  So do it!

Another Announcement of the Week:

Did you know our (meaning yours & my) Music Biz 101 & More radio show is the only FREE advice music business talk show in the United States?  Yup, ’tis.  Start tuning your radio dials to 88.7 FM at 8pm this WEDNESDAY night.  Or stream it liveHERE.  Our guest this week will be Wayne Chernin, Sr. VP of Sales for Def Jam/Island/Republic Records.  Nothing happens unless a sale is made.  We’ll find out how that happens when Wayne comes to town!

Tweet us questions now: @MusicBiz101wp

Call into the show after 8:30: 973-720-2738

Pic of the Week:

One of these tattoos just might be yours.  Can you pick it out?

Pic of the Week Dos:

From L to R: Enki, Amanda, Marsha, Brielle & Music Dept. social media intern Sierra pose with a small surfboard.

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More Stuff To Check Out:

Music, Film Industries See Drop In Employment

You read the headline, now how do you feel?  Knowing you want to get in the door of an industry that features triple-locks (how’s that for an awesome metaphor?), what’s your plan?

Meet The Man Who Studies Indie Music Economies (Yes, He’s In A Band Too)

Ever heard of Music Geography?  How does it relate to economic growth?  Well, if you’re upset about a lack of jobs in the industry, maybe this can stimulate you a wee bit.  Give thanks to Dr. Marcone for this link.

Neuroscience of the Gist

This is ironically a fairly short article asking us if we have the ability to unlearn the ADD habits we’ve recently developed through our culture of texting, social media-floating, and channel surfing.  The big question relates to very young people: Are they given the tools to listen deeply to a symphony or read deeply into a Steinbeck novel?  Click.  Read.  Chime in. (Thanks for a link to this, Prof. Van Duyne!)

What The Latest Data Is Saying About T-Shirt Sales

Wanna know if your fans will be inclined to buy shirts or hats or coffins smothered with you brand name?  According to this, the genre of music you find yourself immersed in may answer the question before you lay out that deposit.

Andris Nelsons Gets Ready to Lead the Boston Symphony

Andris Nelsons takes his place in a youth movement that “has swept across American podiums in recent years.”  He’s now the music director of the Boston Symphony.  How did this 35-year old get the gig?  Read and find out.

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Video: Interview With Adam Kornfeld, VP of Talent Agency Artist Group International

Gene Simmons: ‘Rock Is Finally Dead’  (Thanks to Prof. Van Duyne for this!)

Spotify Adds “Sponsored Sessions,” Video “Takeover” Ads

A Musician’s Guide To MailChimp (FYI – this email was brought to you FOR FREE via MailChimp)

Popular & Free, SoundCloud Is Now Ready For Ads (found w/ the help of Prof. Leeds – thanks!)

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