Your Weekly WP Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up

Here’s your weekly music & entertainment industry wrap-up.  We don’t cover celebrity couples.  No, man.  We’re hardcore when it comes to the music business and the entertainment biz.

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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up

Must Read of the Week:

Anatomy of a Hit: How Mr. Probz Came To America

Every once in a while, Spotify posts a case study about one of their success stories.  Billboard turned me on to this link, which is chock full of lessons for any musician, manager, or digital strategist trying to figure out how to conquer Spotify and its culture of lists.  Read, stare at the graphs, and figure some stuff out.

Must Read of the Week Part Two: Acquired By Warner Music Group

This totally, absolutely, unequivocally relates to the talk of playlists above.  Why would a label care about playlists on Spotify?  Read the article above and read this.  Then you’ll have an understanding of how some folks are trying to crack the streaming code. Thanks to Atlantic’s Paul Sinclair (@Spinclair) for this link.

Must Listen of the Week:

Meet The Composer: Caroline Shaw

Want to make it in the music biz?  Listen to this interview with 30-year old, Pulitzer Prize-winning composer/violinist Caroline Shaw (she was the youngest person to EVER win a Pulitzer Prize).  Very cool how she talks about how her high school and college music experiences.  Listen hard.

Big Announcement of the Week:

Our big & awesome guest on this week’s Music Biz 101 & More radio show (the only FREE advice music business talk show in the United States) is percussionist, entrepreneur, and personnel manager of the NJ Symphony Orchestra, Jim Neglia.

Jim has written a memoir called Onward & Upward that covers how to deal with:

  • Lawsuits
  • Getting robbed overseas
  • Tax oppressors (Hello, New Jersey!)
  • Multiple gigs on the same day in different states

…and more.  This will be an awesome interview all about time-management, personal organization, and tuning your timpani to a perfect fifth.  Listen and then meet your pals from high school.  It’ll be over by nine.

Tune your radio dials to 88.7 FM at 8pm this WEDNESDAY night to find out.  Orstream it live HERE.

Tweet us questions now: @MusicBiz101wp

Call into the show after 8:30: 973-720-2738

Big Announcement of the Week Part II:

Billboard Top 200 Chart To Include On-Demand Streaming In Rankings

Sounds like the right thing to do.  However, YouTube videos won’t be included.  You read that right.  So how accurate will this really be, considering YouTube is the #1 place people go to stream music on demand?  Read the article to find out why YouTube isn’t part of this.

Pic of the Week:

Scenes from last week’s WP Opera Workshop.  Know a better place, other than Broadway, where you can wear cool costumes and belt out a good tune?

Pic of the Week Dos:

Jazz  at WP rocks.  There.  Enough said.

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More Stuff To Check Out:

Spotify: The Music Industry’s New Scapegoat

Last week, your Professor David Kirk Philp (call me Professor David Kirk Philp) mentioned how he’d write a blog post in answer to all the media and artist pile-on about Spotify.  Turns out, he (me, or I) didn’t need to.  MBA in Music Management student at William Paterson, Kari Keller, had already written something.  She graciously let us repost her dialog on the Music Biz website.  Click and get a better overview of the Spotify argument.

Revenue Streams: Is Spotify A Friend Or Foe?

The topic du jour is Spotify, which is okay.  Your Professor David Kirk Philp (same one as mentioned above) was interviewed by our very own Newark Star Ledger about the topic this week.  You know he’ll post the article in next week’s newsletter.  Think they’ll spell his last name right?  (He says, out loud, “No.”)  Anyway, this is a good read for you.  It’s a little long, but that’s okay.  Put the cell phone on stun and pay attention to this stuff.  It’ll make you a better brainiac.

How Disney Turned ‘Frozen’ Into A Cash Cow

Not literally.  You won’t see a herd of bovines skating to “Frozen On Ice” in an arena near you.  No, this is about maximizing an asset, which, in this case, is Disney’s monster cinematic hit, “Frozen.”  Again, it’s another longer-read for you, but it’s worth the time.  Boy, we’re making you sooooo smart!!

Steve Albini On The Surprisingly Sturdy State of the Music Industry

Sent to me (that Professor Philp dude) by former student Nick Sudol (thanks, Nick!).  If you don’t know who Steve Albini is (I didn’t), that doesn’t matter.  Read this or watch the accompanying video.  The guy is legit and has the right to say this stuff, which is very interesting.  Do you agree with his assessments?

Payton MacDonald – Super Marimba

This is not about a marimba that can scale ten stories in a single bound.  It’s about WP Percussion professor Dr. Payton MacDonald.  Great interview.  Click.  Read.  Listen.  The music he’s making is very cool.

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Spotify/Uber Partnership To Launch In 10 Cities

Snapchat/Square Team Up For Payment Services

No. 1 With A Bullet: ‘Nadeshot’ Becomes A ‘Call of Duty’ Star

Music Review: ‘The Incurable Heart’ By Lauren Marsh

Symbols To Spice Up Your LinkedIn Profile (Thanks, Jasmine Henry!!)

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