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Happy birthday to Professor Philp’s wife!  Okay, enough personal junk, because here’s your weekly music & entertainment industry wrap-up.  We don’t cover celebrity couples.  No, man.  We’re hardcore when it comes to the music business and the entertainment biz.

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Must Read of the Week:

YouTube’s Music Streaming Service Launches

Did you see the Music button at the top of your YouTube page?  Just like Spotify and Beats and their curated lists, YouTube has joined the fray.  Atlantic’s Paul Sinclair recently said on the Music Biz 101 & More radio show that Spotify was a playlist culture and YouTube a sharing and recommendation culture.  Will that change now?  Click on the article and give us your opinion.

Must Read of the Week Part Two:

YouTube Signs With Indie Labels For New Streaming Service

If you were following this story over the summer, you saw that many independent labels were upset with the terms YouTube/Google was offering for its upcoming streaming service.  Apparently, lots of indies either gave in or got an improved deal.  Check out some details here.

Must Listen of the Week:

Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall Renaming Comes With A Price

Wait!  Before you skip this, read on.  You see, Avery Fisher Hall is called that because a guy named Avery Fisher gave Lincoln Center $10 million to upgrade the facility years ago.  The place needs another spackle job, which will cost lost of bucks.  How did Lincoln Center go to the Fisher family and ask them if they could change the name?  Was there a contract?  How will they get a new name?  Fascinating for those of you thinking about da biz.

Big Announcement of the Week:

Our big & awesome guest on this week’s Music Biz 101 & More radio show (the only FREE advice music business talk show in the United States) is songwriter, guitarist, and founder of ’80s band The Waitresses, Chris Butler.

Chris wrote “I Know What Boys Like” and the extremely popular holiday tune,“Christmas Wrapping.”  Can somebody survive on the revenues from two songs that are more than 25 years old?  We’ll talk streaming, royalties, and songwriter rights this week.

Tune your radio dials to 88.7 FM at 8pm this WEDNESDAY night to find out.  Orstream it live HERE.

Tweet us questions now: @MusicBiz101wp

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Pic of the Week:

On Thursday night, WP Pop Students took to the stage and covered each other’s original tunes.  An interesting concept and some great performances.  From L to R: Bobby Mahoney, Jenni Sarikas, Luke DeMuro, Kevin Dziuba, Jennette Elizabeth.

Pic of the Week Dos:

Look who made the school paper, The Pioneer Times.  Yeah, the radio show is big-time now.  An article in The Aquarian is supposed to run in the next two weeks.

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More Stuff To Check Out:

Actress Who Voice Teenage Elsa In ‘Frozen’ Reportedly Paid Less Than $1,000

Taylor Swift!  Calling Taylor Swift!!!  This is interesting in itself, but the comments below the article are better.  Surprisingly, there are some strong voices of reason that puts this into proper perspective.  Note how the author never takes part in the discussion.  Lame. (Good find by Doc Marcone – Thanks!)

Opera Companies Reach Out To Young People In Interesting Ways

If you’re not the “cool” genre of music, how do you attract a younger audience?  Click on this to learn, not just strategies used by opera companies, but strategies any of us can use to grow appreciation for what we do.  (Thanks to Professor Nan Guptill-Crane for the link!!)

From Train To Motorhead: Inside The Big Business of Music Cruises

Have you ever been on one of these?  Me either.  But booking a bunch of artists for a 3-day or 5-day cruise has been a growing business over the past few years.  Read about how the promoters and artists put on these events.

Special Section: Spotify Is The Devil

For this week, we’ll include some special Spotify information, since they are apparently the worst thing that has happened to music since Napster.

Kobalt Reports Spotify Overtakes iTunes In Europe

Kobalt is a leading music publisher.  Last weekend, they reported that their revenues in Europe from Spotify have grown larger than their iTunes revenues by 13%.  That’s a lot of clams.  Do you think the Taylor Swift team saw this headline?

Chasing Relevancy At Any Cost; Even Free

Here’s an excellent NY Times article in which U2’s Bono talks about iTunes and, especially, Spotify.  “The old model is broken. People in music rail against Spotify, but streaming is here to stay, audiences want it, and we have to figure out a way for it to work for everyone,” he said.  Click to read.

$2 Billion and Counting

Spotify founder Daniel Ek finally responded this week to Taylor Swift’s decision to pull her catalog from his service.  Read to discover what he says are reasons why she should come back.

Taylor Swift’s Spotify Paycheck Mystery

Ek, above, says artists like Swift are on track to get paid $6 million from Spotify this year.  Swift’s label shot back and said, “Hogwash!”  (Not a real quote.)  Try less than $500,000.  The fact is, nobody is asking the right questions and all of the answers deal with different topics.  We’ll post about this on the Music Biz 101 website because it seems neither party is on the same page.

And Finally…

Thank You For Appointing Me CEO Of Spotify

Interesting blog post by a smart dude who brings up some good points.  Big thanks to Aaron Van Duyne for the link!

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Bill Cosby’s Massive Social Media Fail

Rdio Seizes On Spotify’s Misstep, Announces Price Drop

Vice/Live Nation Announce Music Content Platform

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