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On to the wrap-up!

Here’s What’s Happened Over The Last Week

Best Thing That Happened To Any Of Us This Week:

This Girl Just Came Up With The Best Response For Magic!’s Hit Song ‘Rude’

Look!  It’s our own Nicky Costabile, who wrote a response to a response to a hit song.  Her response made it to Buzzfeed and this article.  Her YouTube video is over 200,000 views at the moment.  Click, read, watch her video and support a girl gone good.  Great job, Nicky!

Must Read of the Week:

How The Music Industry Can Use Streaming To Reinvent Itself

Here’s an interesting article you should find interesting.  The big focus is on the major labels, which, in the author’s opinion, are still too focused on getting absurdly great deals from new services like Spotify.  Click, read and let us know what you think.

Must Watch of the Week:


Click HERE to see a cool video coordinated by WP’s Samantha DeMuro in the Marketing Department.  Pretty cool way to promote a hashtag, don’t you think?

Pic of the Week:

Here’s your Dr. Stephen Marcone (far right), who doesn’t just teach and perform standup comedy.  He’s also a conductor during the WP Summer Jazz Series.  In the middle is pianist/singer Champian Fulton.  Her father, flugelhorn master Stephen, stands to our left.  The three and a bunch o’ WP Jazz students put on a great show last Thursday night playing Cole Porter, Dinah Washington, and more.

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More Stuff To Check Out:

Follow Up…

Remember this from last week?

8th Graders Get 7-Figure Recording Deal With Sony

Guess what?  Now they have a book deal.

Teen Metal Band Just Signed To Sony Now Releasing Book

Put this in your “strike while the iron is hot” file.  Would you buy a book written by 3 eighth graders that follows their rise to stardom?

Global Indie Sector Unites To Launch ‘Fair Digital Deals Declaration’

Thus far this summer (say that five times fast with seven crackers in your mouth), we’ve chronicled the complaints of independent labels toward YouTube’s upcoming streaming service.  YouTube has offered major labels one deal and indies a lesser deal.  Now the indies have united.  Click to see what this is about.  Do you think this will help them when they negotiate new digital deals?

What You’re Not Thinking When You Upload Your Cover Song To YouTube

Do you realize that each time you upload your version of John Legend’s “All Of Me” you’re breaking the law?  Take a look at this article and see what else you probably didn’t know.

Boy Snaps Selfie With Billionaire Buffet And Beatle McCartney

You gotta admit, this is pretty cool.

The Google Exec Who Said ‘You Cannot Devalue Music’ Is Now Trying To Revalue Music…

This is interesting mainly because of the comments at the end of the article.  The subject of the article and the author have a spirited discussion.  This is why it’s important to engage with your readers.  You never know if the guy you’re critiquing is defending himself.


Interested in a part-time gig at a new School of Rock in Clark, NJ?  Reply and ask for information.


Electronic music label Ultra Music, which has a YouTube channel boasting over 1.8 billion views, is looking for a fall intern in the A&R department. They are looking for students in New York/New Jersey. The internship is unpaid and requires college credit.  Hit reply and we’ll send over the application.

Meanwhile, you should know this about Ultra Music…

Ultra Records Files Copyright Suit Against YouTube Star Michelle Phan

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Why You Couldn’t Escape Weird Al’s Marketing Blitz

How Much Does A Major Act Get For Playing A Concert

Here’s What Happens When Your Joke Goes Massively Viral On Twitter (thanks David Deutsch!)

Streaming Isn’t Saving The Music Industry After All, Data Shows…

Jon Stewart Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Purchase CNN

And finally…

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