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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up

Must-Read of the Week:

How To Be A Musician In The 21st Century

WP Music Biz student Alex Marucci wrote this handy guide loaded with tips for any DIY musician.  Click and scan through it.  If you don’t learn something new, you’ll definitely find some great review of what you already knew.  Great job, Alex!

Must-Read of the Week II:

Women In Country: From 2000s To Today

Why is it so tough for ladies to make it onto the Country music charts?  WP Pop Music student Sarah Dinetz explores.  What do you think of her findings?

Pic of the Week #1

WP Music Biz faculty member George Dassinger and his Media Use In The Music & Entertainment Industry class visited WPSC: Brave New Radio this past week.  And…

Pic of the Week #2

…Were photo-bombed by Dr. Steve Marcone and Professor Dave Philp, co-hosts of your Music Biz 101 & More radio show.  Oh, doesn’t the joy just seep into your pores now?


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More Stuff To Check Out:

Big Game, Big Pay?  A Look At Music’s Use In Sports

When you watch the Super Bowl and hear the songs during NBC’s coverage, how do the artists you hear make money?  What’s the process to get those songs on TV?  Click and read this.  You’ll learn pretty quickly how it’s done.

The YouTube vs. Zoe Keating Spat

Zoe Keating is an independent musician who is currently “making it.”  In her blog she’s released her earnings statements and shown how she can be considered a middle class musician.  That transparency has given her a certain status amongst Indie musicians.  And now because of a rift she’s having with YouTube, a great She Said/He Said argument, we’re listening.  Click on the articles below to see what’s going on.  Why? Because this WILL likely affect you.

YouTube Is Removing Any Artist That Refuses To License To Its Subscription Service

YouTube Says Zoe Keating’s Claims Are ‘False’

Here’s Exactly What A YouTube Rep Told Zoe Keating

Jay Z Bids For Spotify Rival…

…And continues to be one of the most fascinating people in the music industry today.  Face it, the man is great at business.  While the quality of your music is paramount to success, you can’t ignore the business side for one second.  The Z-Man hasn’t.  Why should you?

Sam Smith Adds Tom Petty To Songwriting Credits On “Stay With Me”

And former ELO frontman Jeff Lynne too.  Great article that explains how this went down and compares “Stay With Me” to Petty/Lynne’s “I Won’t Back Down.”  Good follow up about the song and the Grammys HERE (thanks, Al Cohen for the link).

Old Albums Now Outsell New Albums On iTunes In America

What does this mean?  It means the younger demographic who’s listening to new music is streaming more than buying.  It also means the bigger bucks from recorded music sales are going to catalog artists.  Click to see some fancy graphs.

People Who Listen To Jazz Are Smarter And More Creative

Do you think this is true?  Click and read the evidence that seeks to prove the headline. (Thanks to Prof. Van Duyne for the link!)

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AT&T Launching Scripted Series On Snapchat

9 Things You Must Know Before Choosing A Music Venue

How To Remove Harmful YouTube Videos

3 Easy And Creative Fan Engagement Ideas For 2015

5 Types Of Pitch Emails Journalists HATE To Get From Indie Bands

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