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Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up

Must-Read of the Week:

How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life

You don’t think it’ll come back to bite you, those tweets and posts of yours that include f-bombs and snarky comments.  Read this.  Maybe this will teach you a lesson before the rest of modern society decides they should be the ones teaching you (and that ain’t a good thing).

Must Read of the Week II:

Sony’s Amy Pascal: A Cautionary Tale in an Age Without Privacy

This matches well with the article above.  A great lesson for all of us.  What you say in electronic form – whether that’s an email, a text message, a post on Facebook, or even an allegedly “here now but gone in 10 seconds” pic on Snapchat – can come back to hurt you.

Watch what you say.  Watch how you say it.  This article is great to read so you can learn what can happen to you and, if it does, how to try to overcome it.  Now go back and delete what you’ve got on those social networks before you get called out on it.  Yes, I’m talking to you.

Must-Listen of the Week:

Podcast: Inside The Mind of Scooter Braun

He’s currently one of music’s most successful artist managers.  How’d he get into the biz? What’s most important to him?  Who are/were his mentors?  You should really take half an hour and give this a listen.  You’ll grab some great nuggets of information that will help you.

Pic of the Week #1:

Announcement Of The Week:

Play A Live Set On College Radio By Entering This Contest!!

Your dream is to hear your song(s) on the radio.  Is it a bigger dream to want to actually play those songs live?  If you click on the pic or title above, you’ll learn all about the Music Biz 101 & More Radio Show Brave-a-thon Contest.

Win a 30-minute live set on WPSC: Brave New Radio AND a post-set/on-air interview with show hosts Marcone & Philp.  Two slots.  Two ways to win.  Do it!!

Pic of the Week #2

Walk into the WP recording studio and this is the first thing you see.  Pretty cool, huh?


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More Stuff To Check Out:

YouTube Is Paying Me $0.00039 Per View

Spotify gets all the bad press, but everything I’ve heard and read states that YouTube pays much less per stream.  This is bad.  One caveat, and it’s my problem with all of these articles: We don’t know if this is for the performer or songwriter.  We don’t know the context in which the videos were streamed… The headline is catchy.  The comments below are more telling and worth your time.

Starwood Hotels Revamps Music Strategy

Wait.  A hotel has a “music strategy”?  Yes.  And you should read this to see how music incorporates itself into driving my travelers into their rooms.  If you’re into music festivals and branding, click.

The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies

From Fast Company Magazine.  How many of these are music and entertainment-related companies?  You may be surprised.  Click and take a looksee.

U.S. Copyright Office Releases Proposals For Revamped Rules 

If you write songs or want to manage acts who write songs or want to book show for artists who write songs, you should read this.  Don’t understand something?  Hit reply and ask.

Taylor Swift Is Really Mean News

Taylor Swift’s Lawyers Threaten Former Guitar Teacher With Legal Action

One of Taylor’s alleged early guitar teachers bought the domain name  She found out, got mad, and her people are threatening to sue her.  Read the short article and give your opinion.  But you might want to read the next article first…

Taylor Swift Threatens To Sue Her Fans

Apparently, Taylor Swift is trying to trademark phrases, like “Shake It Off.”  To back up her desire to own such words, her team went to the “handmade artist community” Etsy and threatened lawsuits to sellers of products related to these phrases.  Two sides to the story:  Hers – Protect what you own (or will own) and don’t give in; allow a precedent and others will take advantage.  Theirs – We love Taylor Swift and thought we could have some fun (and, sure, make a few bucks).

Who do you think is right in both of these articles?  What is fair?  Does fair even matter here?

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Grammy Awards Social Data

(Video) The Ally Mac Project Interview

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