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Happy Cinco of May!

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Pic of the Week #1:


Zach Matari crooning with passion at Pop Dialog Day.

Pic of the Week #2:

Jeannette Firriolo jamming on the keys at Pop Dialog Day.

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Announcement of the Week:


Your Music Biz 101 & More radio show is now available on Stitcher Radio.  You can download the show HERE from your phone or listen on the web.  We just uploaded an amazing interview with music PR expert George Dassinger.  Listen, learn, and don’t ever get screwed by a bad contract!

Your Must-Read of the Week:

Selling Music Audiences To Advertisers Is The Future Of Recorded Music Revenues

The real title of this should be “The Slow Death of Terrestrial Radio.”  Check this out for trends going on among consumer listening and how traditional radio is sliding further and further away from the mainstream.

Other Stuff You Should Check Out…

Prince: A Guide To His Complex Web Of Label, Distribution & Internet Deals

I think Prince is kind of a nutjob.  That said, he’s also a brilliant marketer and one of the entertainment industry’s most underrated business minds.  Click and read this article about how he’s put together his deals over the past 20 years.

Universal Launches Digital-Only Classical Label

Classical music has been slow to react to the massive changes in the music industry since the internet took over post-Napster.  Here’s something Universal Music is doing to change that.

Amazon’s Contract Reveals Plans To Radically Lower Streaming Music Royalties

Uh oh.  If you’ve read about artists complaining how they aren’t getting paid enough from streaming services, you’ll come to the conclusion that more artists are going to complain much more loudly as soon as Amazon’s alleged Spotify-type streaming service goes live.


The Music Biz 101 & More radio show featured personal manager Harvey Leeds last week.  If you didn’t hear it, you’ll be able to listen to the podcast in a few weeks.  What you’ll hear Harvey talk about is “stuff.”  What is “stuff”?  It’s merch.  It’s tchotchkes.  These can be interesting.  They can make you money.  And they can make news.  Click on the pic to see how it worked for Drake.

William Paterson University Music Stuff

Your new MEO board for 2014/2015, from Left to Right: Megan, Justin, Joelle and Grace.  What does MEO do?  Just click HERE.

Music Biz 101 & More Radio Show – This Wednesday @ 8pm

Tune in or stream us live HERE on Wednesday at 8pm.  Tweet us: @MusicBiz101wp or call in at 973-720-2738.  This week’s show will feature Tom Hefter, Marketing Services Specialist at Ticketmaster/Live Nation.  Tom’s a WPU Music Biz graduate.  How’d he get his gig?  What does he do?  Find out Wednesday at 8pm.  Tweet us your questions NOW and save the following link to STREAM IT.


WPU Music Department – We’re looking for a social media intern for the fall semester to help with all of the WPU Music Department’s social media efforts.  You must have taken Social Media I and II, own a creative streak, and sport a desire to use your social media skills to promote students, events, and our Jazz, Classical, and Pop Music programs.  Email or see Professor Philp in Shea #120 if you’re interested.

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One Way To Make Money For Songwriters From YouTube

Scooter Braun On The Future Of Music

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