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Here comes graduation!  But before everybody thinks they know everything, just remember you don’t!

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Now, on to the wrap-up!

Must Watch of the Week #1:

Watch fellow WPU Music Biz student Zach Matari in an extended interview on News 12 NJ by clicking on the pic or clicking right HERE.

Must Watch of the Week #2:

If you write songs, one of your top goals is to get your song licensed for a movie or a TV show or a commercial.  This song covers the subject quite tunefully.  It’s funny too.  Watch HERE, mmmkay?   Big thanks to WPU’s Dr. John Link for the tip.

Pic of the Week #1:

Here’s harpist Enki Bello at last week’s first-ever Pop Dialog Day performing her original tune “Harping On The Strings.”  If you think Zach Matari has been great with his TV and video work, check out how busy Enki has been.  Go to her website HERE.  You are guaranteed to become inspired.

Pic of the Week #2:

Great shot of Pop Music Studies students posing before Dialog Day #1.  Who do you know in the pic?

To always keep up with pics of what’s going on around WPU and its Music Biz department (covering all things music), follow our Instagram Page HERE or Music Biz 101 Facebook page HERE.

Announcement of the Week:


Your Music Biz 101 & More radio show is now available on Stitcher Radio.  You can download the show HERE from your phone or listen on the web.  We just uploaded an amazing interview with independent radio promotion rep (and WPU Grad) Elena Lanza. Go HERE if you want to read a show recap on our website.

Your Must-Read of the Week:

In Some Circles: The New CD/DVD By WPU Student Ryan Tomski

Ryan has talent.  This is how you take personal pain and turn it into art. Click and listen to some of his tunes which star a handful of WPU Jazz students.   You’ll most likely say, “Wow.”

Other Stuff You Should Check Out…

Music Biz Success Story: Sean “Jay-Z” Carter

Here’s the swan song of WPU Music Biz student Kioshi Burgess – By the time you’ll be reading this, he’ll be en route to Cali by way of Bermuda.  He provides a great overview of how Jay-Z went from thug to incredibly successful entrepreneur.  Click on the pic or the headline.  Good luck, Kioshi!

A Quarter of Spotify Songs Are Skipped In First Five Seconds

When I was a wee lad in music biz school, the feeling was a good A&R rep gave your original song about 30 seconds before deciding whether to toss it or keep listening.  Apparently, that length of time has shrunk.  How long do you listen before skipping?

YouTube’s Affect On The Music Business

Where do you go to hear new music?  If you’re 12-24 years old, it’s YouTube.  Click on the link to see if this poll reflects how you and your chums listen to music.

Help Ryan Study at NYU This June

Master’s degree student Ryan McBride is using crowdfunding to to help pay for NYU’s Broadway Percussion Seminar, an $850 nut he can’t crack on his own.  We’re not sure if you’ve heard of GoFundMe, the platform he’s using, but click on the pic and check it out.  While you’re at it, if you want to toss a few bucks Ryan’s way, he’d greatly appreciate it.  Question for you: What do you think of this page?

L.A. Times Redesigns Website For A Social Sharing Era

This is interesting for a couple of reasons.  First, at some point in the near future you are going to have to design a website for your band or yourself.  Second, you all use Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr or some social service.  The L.A. Times has redesigned their website based upon the idea of social sharing.  Can’t think of a 140-character tweet?  The site provides your script for each article now, plus the link.  It’s quite possibly brilliant.

Rise Records’ Unlikely, Exponential Success

I got this link from Prof. Aaron Van Duyne (who is the Kiss & Dave Matthews Band biz manager, among others).  It’s worth your time to read.  Music Biz student Sierra Binondo (see her profile below) tweeted to me that “they’re the most notorious indie label.”  What do you know about Rise Records?

William Paterson University Music Stuff

Read posts by our WPU Music Biz students HERE.  They’ve been putting out some great music and coming up with even better ideas.  Did you click HERE?  Oh, you should.

Music Biz 101 & More Radio Show – This Wednesday @ 8pm

Tune in or stream us live HERE on Wednesday at 8pm.  Tweet us: @MusicBiz101wp or call in at 973-720-2738.  This week’s show will feature Sean Gilday and Rachel Hill ofBlue Raven Entertainment.  Both are WPU graduates promoting tribute and original bands throughout the Northeast.  Interested in how to start your own music company and what the live music space is all about? Find out Wednesday at 8pm.  Tweet us your questions NOW and save the following link to STREAM IT.

Sierra Binondo:  Meet Our New Music Biz/WPU Music Dept. Social Media Intern

We’ve been looking for a social media intern for the fall semester to help with all of the WPU Music Department’s social media efforts.  Our search has ended with Sierra Binondo.  Sierra is a Popular Music Studies major who’ll be a senior in the fall (the kind of senior who’ll graduate next year, not the kind of senior who eats dinner at 2pm and somehow gets shorter every year).  Congratulate Sierra for her awesomeness.  She’ll help turn all things music at WPU into solid gold.

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