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Here’s What’s Happened Over The Last Week

Pic of the Week:

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Must Read of the Week:

How To Begin A Career In The Music Industry

Yeah, we’re repeating this one for those of you who didn’t click and read.  If you didn’t, all of the music industry gods are now ordering you to click on the pic or headline and read this article.  There.  ‘Nuff said.

Announcement of the Week:

Your Music Biz 101 & More radio show is off the air for the summer.  We’ll be back with more live shows starting in September.  Until then, you can listen to this season’s episodes by downloading each PODCAST!

We had great guests in our first year, from KISS/Dave Matthews Band biz manager Aaron Van Duyne (in the pic above) to Southside Johnny manager Harvey Leeds, from Atlantic Records head of digital Paul Sinclair to Elena Lanza in indie radio promotions.

We talked PR with George Dassinger, Entertainment Law with Karl Guthrie, selling VIP event packages with Ticketmaster’s Tom Hefter, college radio with Rob Quicke, intellectual property infringement with Dr. Michael Harrington, and getting started in your career with Steve Leeds of Sirius/XM.

(The one show that didn’t make a podcast – our interview with Blue Raven Entertainment.  We’ll have ’em back next year.  From L to R: Philp, student co-host Kari Keller, Blue Raven’s Rachel Hill, Marcone, Blue Raven’s Sean Gilday)

You can download shows HERE from your phone or listen on the web.  Go HEREif you want to read all show recaps on our website.


What are you doing on June 11th from 6:30-8:30?  Why not attend a NJ Music Industry Networking Mixer?  It’s in Clifton.  Join the group and they’ll give you the address.  ClickHERE and see who you meet that Wednesday night.  Thanks to Prof. Van Duyne for the tip!

More Stuff To Check Out:

Spotify Hits 10 Million Subscribers

This is a worldwide number; 6 million of these are in the United States.  Perhaps the bigger number to tout is their 40 million active users, “active” being the key word there.  Another cool point?  Look at the infograph in the link.  Spotify users create or update 5 million playlists each day.  Listen to our podcast with Paul Sinclair of Atlantic RecordsHERE where he talks more about the playlist phenomenon.

Meanwhile, Apple Finally Bought Beats

Streaming and subscriptions are the 21st century format (even though vinyl sales continue to grow in double-digits).  Click on the link to see what record biz bigwigs think of the deal.  Note how some of them talk more about their own agendas than the Beats acquisition.  Is that something you would do?

Rap Genius Cofounder Resigns After Making A Big Mistake

When something horrific happens, it’s best to say nothing.  If you’re the cofounder of a large company, it’s even more important to keep your thoughts to yourself.  Mahbod Maghadam, cofounder of Rap Genius, is out of the company after expressing his thoughts about a Santa Barbara mass murderer.  Click HERE, read, and let this lesson sink in.

Even After Massive Success, It May Be To Remain Creative

Give Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters credit, they aren’t just spitting out another album everyone expects, like Bon Jovi does.  From reading this, you’ll see how important it is to remain creative, to keep searching out and following your muse, even after you’re a millionaire 20 times over.

The Future of Digital Music May Hinge On Elvis

Imagine if you wrote and recording hit songs before 1972.  Then imagine that Pandora and Sirius/XM played your hits all the time.  That cash register in your head is ringing away, right?  Wait a sec.  Did you know Pandora and Sirius/XM don’t pay any royalties to anybody to play those songs?  Why?  How can this be free music to them?  Click and read.  Whose side are you on?  Have you noticed the good guys and the bad guys are dressed in various shades of gray? (Thanks for the link to Dr. Marcone!)

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