your weekly music/entertainment industry social media wrap-up
Your Weekly Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up (February 24)

Here’s What’s Happened Over The Last Week

Your Must-Read of the Week:


Shazam Proves That Patience Pays Off

It was a big week for Shazam as they inked a label deal with Warner Music and got closer to filing for in IPO.  If you’re into the music biz, and you are, then read this article about how a little app can sell music and help change today’s record business.

Follow Up: Warner’s Shazam Deal – What It Means For Music

Have you started to notice how lots of today’s “Rock Stars” are the ones who understand technology the best?

Other Items Worth Your Retinal Focus:

Tuesday Night: Music Management Seminar Movie Viewing And Q&A

The documentary is called The Greatest Ears In Town about the amazing producer/arranger Arif Mardin.  Click on the pic to see a trailer for the film.  Then come down Tuesday night at 7pm in the Martini Room of Hobart to watch.  The film is excellent and should inspire any jazz major (especially arrangers), SEA people, Management & Pop majors.  Arif’s son Joe will lead a discussion at the conclusion of the showing.

Bombshell ‘American Idol’ Lawsuit Brings Litany of Allegations Against Sony

Sony used to sign all of the ‘American Idol’ winners.  Now they’re being sued for underpaying royalties.  This is a great article that goes deep into the murky world of artist royalties.

Pandora Suit May Upend Century-Old Royalty Plan

Big thanks to WPU Music Biz student Shawn Clark for passing this one along.  The story is about the fight going on in a Washington D.C. court about whether or not Pandora needs to pay more money to ASCAP and BMI, which represents publishers & songwriters.  Click on this if you’re a songwriter or a wannabe manager.

How Aloe Blacc Outfoxed Simon Fuller

Blacc is the lead vocalist on Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.”  Fuller is the creator of American Idol and Carrie Underwood’s manager (among others).  What has Blacc done that has saved him hundreds of thousands of dollars?  And why may his actions be the a template for you in the music & entertainment biz?  Click and read.

How Rihanna Almost Went Bankrupt

This feels more like gossip than total truth, but this is a good read about what a manager can do with an artist’s money without the artist knowing.  In addition, you can see what happens behind the scenes when a record company doesn’t want to support you.  Big thanks to MBA student Artemisz Polonyi for the link.

Here’s How ’60s Icons Got Screwed

This is the story of Al Kooper, guitarist/keyboardist/French horn guy/producer.  He’s played with Bob Dylan.  He produced Lynyrd Skynyrd.  The Beastie Boys sampled his tracks.  How much did he earn?  Skim this (reading it would be best) until two-thirds through.  You’ll read some amazing stuff that happened to Mr. Kooper.  Guess what?  It still happens today.  So click on the link and go to class. (Thanks for the link, Dr. Marcone!)

Bookmark This!! (Other Stuff To Click On & Read If You Like What’s Above)

Volunteer For The 2014 New Music Festival, June 8-10 In NYC

South By Southwest (SXSW) Announces 1st Official Music Hackathon Championship

The New Kraft Mac N’ Cheese Ad Gives Vanilla Ice The Job You Always Thought He’d Have By Now

Whoa: Why Facebook Dropped $19 Billion on an App Startup
WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum: Everything You Need to Know | 


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