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Here’s What’s Happened Over The Last Week

Your Must-Read of the Week:

Local Musician With Suspicious Number of Twitter Followers Makes Cover Story

You’re not going to read the cover story.  You’re going to read a story about the cover story.  It seems a local Philly musician has 184,000+ Twitter followers.  Only 20 people show up at his gigs.  Click on the link to see how a Philly-based writer tracks down the real story: How did this kid get so many social media followers?  And is this something you guys, reading this email, think is right for you?  Get a pleasant beverage, turn on some light Smooth Jazz, and read this.  You’ll be both entertained AND educated.

Other Stuff You Should Check Out…

Tuesday Night @ 8:00 – The First Seminar Series @ Martini Room With Pandora’s Tom Page

We’ve all heard of Pandora.  If you haven’t tried it, spend 10 minutes with this free music app before coming down to the Martini Room in Hobart at 8pm on Monday.  Professor Steve Leeds, who spends most of his days doing the rounds at Sirius/XM Radio, will interview Tom Page, Head of Music Partnerships at Pandora, in the first of 5 upcoming Music Management seminars this semester.  Didn’t sign up?  Come on down anyway.

Bruno Mars…The Real Winner?

A lot of you want to know how much Bruno Mars got paid for his Super Bowl performance.  Click on the link to find out the answer.  You’ll be a little surprised.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Did NOT Plug in Their Instruments During Super Bowl Halftime Performance

It’s like lip-synching, but with a guitar and bass.  By Wednesday, they’d admitted to it.  Click on the link or photo for two different stories.

Record Year For Major Publisher Synch Licenses During Super Bowl

Did you watch the commercials during the Super Bowl?  Did you hear familiar songs? Spots featured U2, Bruno Mars, One Republic, Bob Dylan, and more as 2014 broke all records for synch licenses from major publishers.  Click on the link to find out why and how it all happened.

How Beyonce Is Saving The Planet With Her New Album

Think of this in the literal sense.  More downloads and less physical product = less carbon emissions.  Now, don’t think a stream or download gives off zero emissions.  In fact, they do.  Click on the link and check out this fascinating article about how the sale of recorded music affects our environment.

The WPU Music Biz Students

Are you a Music Biz student at WPU?  Click on the link above to see if your profile is there.  If not, send us your bio, including major and when you plan on graduating, plus a jpeg photo.  We’ll get you onto our WPU Music Biz Students profile page.  And when we do, make sure you let the world know via your social media channels.

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Volunteer For The 2014 New Music Festival, June 8-10 In NYC

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