WPU Now That's What I Call Pop

WPU Now That's What I Call Pop

When putting together the marketing mix for your next show, don’t forget video.  With a little time and a little creativity, you can create multiple videos which can raise additional awareness of your event and provide additional content for your website, email campaigns, and social networks.

Using Video To Promote Your Music Event

Recently, the William Paterson University Music Department produced an high-energy event called Collage!  This live concert featured student and faculty performers from the Jazz, Classical and Pop genres.  Each artist or group had 3-4 minutes to rock their selection.  Upon the sonic completion of their song’s last note, the next group would take over.  It was fast, furious, and loads of fun.  Here’s a brief explanation, told in video:

A major component of Collage! was its fundraising angle.  Net proceeds went to fund Music Department scholarships.  This characteristic of the event gave us reason to create two additional videos starring past scholarship recipients, who could speak of Collage! and invite people to attend.

We were given an opportunity to “blog” a little more about Collage! via the description under each video.  Links allowed viewers to go to the ticket page and buy online.

A final twist we incorporated was taking a Public Service Announcement we’d produced on the university radio station, WPSC – Brave New Radio, and turning the audio-only content into a video.  We described the process in our post called How To Turn Your Audio Content Into A YouTube Video.

Before you put on any event, make sure you put a full plan together that includes a full mix of content, from Facebook to Twitter to your website to print, press releases and, of course, video.  Have questions?  Tweet us: @MusicBiz101wp

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