Two Stories Of Social Media Gone Way Too Far

You should read THIS.  It’s about a Maryland couple that made YouTube videos in which they played pranks on their children.  They’re suddenly on the verge of losing custody of two of those kids.  

In another relevant read, My So-Called Instagram Life, you’ll learn about a girl in college who had created a persona online and had so much trouble separating her real life from her “character” that she destroyed relationships and found herself incredible unhappy.  

When I was a kid, the “get rich quick” scheme was something people always fell for.  The idea was simple.  There’s got to be a way in which I can skip a lot of steps and make a pile of money faster than anyone else.  For some people, there are.  For most, there are no easy ways to get rich.  

Today, it seems that thinking has evolved into “get rich and get famous quickly.”  And it seems people aren’t always using the right judgement.  Some are even breaking the law.  It’s so easy for anyone to download an app, snap some pics, and think they’ll have 3 million followers on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter because whatever they’re doing is so interesting, or beautiful, or unique.  

Just like in the old fashioned record business, there are those that succeed, yes, but the vast majority do NOT succeed.  Why? They might not be good enough.  They might not be unique enough.  

Lots of times, I have found after lots of discussions with music industry personnel, artists – even artists signed to deals!!! – don’t want to put in the work.  They don’t work hard enough.  That’s why they fail.  

Is there a moral to this story?  It seems silly, but maybe the moral is to slow down, think through whatever you want to do, make a good plan, and work very, very, very hard.  When you fail, learn from the failure and work harder and smarter. Double-down and get better.  

That’s the view from this computer.  What do you think?

Written listening to “Thinking Of A Place” by The Warn On Drugs.


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