3 Reasons to check out Collage!


3 Reasons to check out Collage!

Three reasons to check out Collage! by Zach Matari

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” – Plato

I know what you may be thinking, after a profound quote from a thousand year old philosopher comes a long speech about why you should get up and do something. Well, in this case only half of that is true. I will give you an extremely short speech on why you should get off your gluteus maximus and do something. Three short great reasons why you should come to “Collage!”. If you don’t know what “Collage!” is then let me take a 84 seconds to deliver you the opportunity of a lifetime.

“Collage!” is an event held by William Paterson’s music program to help raise scholarship money for music students. There will be performances from the Pop Music Ensemble, Classical Ensembles and Jazz Orchestras.

The event is on Saturday April 26th at 7:30 pm.


Students are Free with a $10 donation.

Non-Students are also Free with a $25 donation.

 Back to my three reasons;

“Why would you want to attend this event?”, let me tell you. This event acts as therapy for the mind, body and soul….. allow me to explain.


The Mind:

FACT: It is clinically proven that when you listen to classical music it increases your overall IQ. For those of you who just despise classical music and think your IQ is already too high, you are in luck! There will also be performances by the Pop Music Ensemble and for all you cool cats out there, the Jazz Orchestras will be performing as well.




The second reason why you should attend “Collage!” is because after the event there will be a reception with FREE food, so after we have improved your IQ and soothed your ears with some easy listening, we will fill your stomachs!


& Soul:

Last but definitely not least, is your soul. Think of your entrance fee whether its $10 or $25 as a donation. As we all know, college could be hard on your pockets. But, that donation could be the difference for so many students who could use the money to attend William Paterson University. The less time these talented musicians/students have to worry about money, the more time they will have to create beautiful music for the mind, body and soul and the world.

You owe this to yourself, nay, to your mind body and soul to attend this event. We hope to see you there.

Zach Matari ’16




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