Thoughts About Miley Cyrus, Album Sales, & HypeI (who is me, Professor Philp) was looking at Soundscan numbers the other night and noticed something interesting.  For all of the hoopla (that’s a big, fancy college word) surrounding Miley Cyrus, her album Bangerz still hasn’t sold 1 million units.  That got my brain to think a bit.

Thoughts About Miley Cyrus, Album Sales, & Hype

Thoughts About Miley Cyrus, Album Sales, & HypeIn 20 weeks since its release, Bangerz still hasn’t broken through the 900,000 unit barrier.  Last week, it was #15 on the Top 200 Albums chart.  To put that into perspective:

  • Beyoncé is a bigger artist than Miley.  In 10 weeks, sales of Beyoncé were almost twice those of Cyrus.  Queen Bey (I hate that nickname) was a 1,790,000 albums sold last week.
  • Lorde is bigger in sales than Miley Cyrus.  In 21 weeks, she had sold 1 million albums.
  • Katy Perry is bigger than Miley Cyrus.  In 18 weeks, she had sold 1.2 million albums.

Thoughts About Miley Cyrus, Album Sales, & Hype“Wait – what about singles?” you may be asking, trying to make your professor look like a complete fool.

I looked at the single for each of these 4 artists that had the most streams on Spotify as of March 6, 2014.  Take a look below:

  • Miley Cyrus: “Wrecking Ball” 99,504,680
  • Lorde: “Royals” 126,408,880
  • Katy Perry: “Roar” 100,944,203
  • Beyoncé: “Halo” 55,237,848

Looks like Lorde wins the streaming battle on Spotify, followed by Madam Perry.  Beyoncé is way back.  What do you think that means?


Thoughts About Miley Cyrus, Album Sales, & HypeWho’s making big bucks on the road?

If you look HERE, you’ll see Billboard’s Top 25 tours of 2013.  Beyoncé is the only artist of these four who made this chart, coming in at #8 and over $104 million in ticket sales.

Just based upon current album sales, streams and touring, you could make a strong argument that Beyoncé is the biggest of these four.

“Yo!”  Excuse me.  There’s somebody behind you.  “What about Taylor Swift?”

What about the Swift Effect?  Let’s add her to the mix.

Album: Red 4,008,721 units sold in 71 weeks.

Single:  “We Are Never Getting Back Together” 67 million Spotify streams.

Thoughts About Miley Cyrus, Album Sales, & HypeTour: The #7 tour of 2013 (one spot ahead of Beyoncé) with $115 million in ticket sales.

Let me ask you this: If Beyoncé is bigger than Lorde, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus, would you say Taylor Swift is bigger than Beyoncé?  And, if so, would you say Taylor Swift is the biggest female artist today?

By the way, who’s missing from this list?  Who would we be talking about if this was 2004?

Your turn.

2 Replies to “Thoughts About Miley Cyrus, Album Sales, & Hype”

  1. If we’re talking about 2004 we would definitely be including Rihanna in that list as well and I don’t think we can forget miss Gaga herself.
    Can we really compare Taylor and Beyonce totally though as Taylor is more of a country artist?
    Whether or not, I would argue that Beyonce is bigger. Considering how long she has been on the scene and how much she has done as an artist, the fact that she is still such a prominent female artists is extremely impressive and shows she has incredible longevity. Especially since she isn’t twerking and doing ridiculous things to get a quick attention fix. She’s been around longer than any of these other ladies and continues to be a reigning diva therefore I’m putting my ball in her court.

    1. If Taylor Swift had put out a surprise album last December instead of Beyonce, I wonder if her sales would have been stronger.

      Gaga has dropped a peg or two because her most recent album hasn’t been as strong a seller. We didn’t mention Adele because she’s between albums. Rihanna was worth bringing up; she actually grossed more in tour income during 2013 than Swift or Beyonce. You get points for that.

      As per Swift vs. Beyonce, I’d still put my money on the Country girl (at least until her next release later this year).

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