The Power Of Music
The Power Of Music
Jimi Hendrix lives on in his music

The Power of Music – Musical Immortality

Music has properties that go beyond just the audible ones. Music brings people together unlike anything else. It has the power to connect and provide a common ground for many individuals around the world. Music also has the ability to take us to a different time or place in the world and change our mindset all together. The sound waves can affect our souls and connect us to what we are listening to.

When I listen to music, I can feel it take over my entire body and change my mood. It can become a very intrinsic experience in the right setting. Music allows us to share in that listening experience with someone else to create memories.

Music’s incredible power on humans is giving us shared experience or musical immortality. No artist embodies the Power of Music more than Jimi Hendrix.

The Power Of Music
“Let me stand next to your fire”

He believed that music had the power to make us all equal and it was apparent in his performances.

Hendrix made sure his live shows were always a spectacle to see, performing tricks like playing with his teeth or behind the back. He even took it a step further by setting his guitar on fire.

Besides his stage antics, Jimi made sure the venues he played at provided the largest sound stage for his show.

He was incredibly focused on his music, a type that the audience had never heard before.


The Power Of Music
Conspiracy Keanu believes Jimi is a Jedi #JediJimi?

Jimi’s music has the power to take fans to a different universe.

Jimi Hendrix has transcended beyond the physical world and lives on today in his music. The wonderful power of music is that it preserves life, a place in time, and memories that we all have relating to a certain song or band.

Someone like Jimi Hendrix is preserved in his recording and videos, allowing for generations like mine who weren’t alive during his lifetime to experience him.

Jimi Hendrix has achieved Musical Immortality and that is the Power of Music!

My name is Joseph Pomarico and I am studying for my MBA Music Management Degree at William Paterson University. I am studying at WPU to learn more and establish myself further in the Entertainment Industry. 



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