Dj Fade Power Of Music


The Power Of Music DJ Fade
Dj Fade Live At Bliss Night Club

Brandon Metz is a scholarship student at William Paterson University looking to pursue a full-time career as a professional disc jockey.  People know him as Dj Fade “The Future”. He has major placements on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon and earned his own Pandora Station! With his previous internship at Def Jam Records his objective is to continue working behind the scenes to understand the business side of things. After graduation, he plans to continue to build his own brand and be an efficient contribution a record label.



The Power Of Music

All my life I have used music as an outlet to target emotions. Whether it is to assist me by being more attentive at work, mediate from dealing with internal stress, or even be in a stable mood I can always count on music. Music is similar to having someone who finally can relate to what you are going through. That meditative experience cannot be compared to anything else. Unconsciously people in general utilizes music to facilitate their own daily life necessities. There is just something about a melody that hits the heart, especially if it is an older song.

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Songs that were previously heard years ago will immediately bring back emotions. The human mind is designed to relate music to a certain memory in life. Whenever you hear a song that was played during a childhood memory that experience replays in your mind. This is a process that sometimes gets missed based on the over abundance of music being made. With music constantly being made, it is easy to not be attached to a song with relevant lyrics. The power of music needs to be acceptable and acknowledged for its work to do its job.


Koppi Mizrahi At Vogue Knights


Dancing that is accompanied by music will bring out your inner self. Koppi is a well know dancer and artist from Toyko that is shown here. She tells stories and expresses herself with her hand movements. Each movement represents an emotion that can be interpreted in many different ways.


My music has helped her to deliver this type of experience to the audience. Music can bring positive memories or negative moments we regret in life. I tend to focus more on the positive memories because I like to minimize all negativity activities in my life. One subject I enjoy discussing often is the concept of love and happiness. My mood is expressed through music and I want my fans to feel my emotion through the arrangements of each instrument. Music is all about expressing a feeling and I try my best to keep my feeling positive so all of my songs can be a resource of encouragement.

Dj Fade Power Of Music

I want my fans to listen to my music when they are discouraged so I can play a vital part of their success. Obstacles will always be there to overcome and sometimes the only way to express emotion is through music. When no one else can understand what you are going through music is always there to play and release your emotions. Instrumentation alone is great because each person can have a different interpretation based on each timber. The power of music influences all creativity and I am glad to have the ability to contribute and serve as a musician.

Brandon Metz “Dj Fade The Future”

-International Dj/Producer

-WPU Class of 16′




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